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Cancer Surviors Guide for Software Developers

I hope none of you need to read this, but Douglas Reilly is a cancer survivor and wrote a great article for software developers who learn that they have cancer.

DearAOL: Email Fees Are Wrong

America Online (AOL) seems to have created a tempest of backlash on the Internet regarding their recent suggestion to start charging fees for email. A number of voices in the tech industry criticized almost immediately. Now the politicos are out in force and there are a lot of unlikely bedfellows ready to give some not-so-pleasant pillow talk to the massive company. This time, it’s not a “Dear John” letter; it’s a “DearAOL” letter.

Blogger Steve Rubel Has Skin Cancer

This morning, just hours before boarding a plane for Texas, I learned that I have been diagnosed with skin cancer. I am fortunate.

Jobs Won’t Fill French Keynote Slot

At France’s Apple Expo later in September, attendees will not see Apple’s CEO deliver a keynote address.

Cellphones Not Connected To Cancer Risk

A study covering ten years of mobile handset use found no increased risk of tumor growth among users.

Nanotech 1, Cancer 0

Stanford University reports it has found an approach to destroying cancer cells with lasers and nanotechnology.

Cancer Pioneer Dies at 92

The first man to notice a connection between lung cancer and smoking cigarettes, Sir Richard Doll of Britain, has died of an undisclosed illness at the ripe age of 92.

Can Cancer Get Curry-ed Away?

Sure, it stinks, but it might just save your life. Researchers are spicing up the cancer fight by announcing that curcumin, the odoriferous spice used in tumeric and curry powders, may be a sassy cancer adversary.

When Blogging Means More than Money

I emailed Cary Miller this morning to ask how hi Cancer NewsWatch blog is going (you might remember I mentioned it a while ago – Cary’s wife Lori is battling cancer and he started the blog (I think after a conversation we had) to do something positive in the midst of a pretty terrible situation.

Greedy Medical Companies Hiding Cancer Cure. No, Not Really.

The American Cancer Society released the results of a poll in the latest edition of the journal Cancer showing that over one quarter of Americans incorrectly believe that a cure for cancer has been found but is being kept a secret for profit reasons.

Red Meat Connected With Bowel Cancer

Researchers just confirmed the bad news for meat-lovers everywhere. A diet rich in beef, lamb, pork, and processed meats (think sausages and cold cuts) increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

StorageTek And Golfers Drive Funds For Breast Cancer Research

PGA and LPGA professionals helped the StorageTek Foundation raise $50,000 for the Denver Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

STD Vaccine Could Aid In Cervical Cancer Fight

New research has illustrated the effectiveness of an STD vaccine against the prevention of cervical cancer. The issue may have a little controversy, however, as it’s most effective on youngsters.

Sigmoidoscopes Miss Colon Cancer In Women

A study published in the May 9th issue of The New England Journal of Medicine revealed that when it comes to screening for colon cancer, the effectiveness of the tools differs for men and women.

Low Fat Diets May Not Prevent Breast Cancer From Returning

Low fat diets may keep breast cancer from returning to women that have already had it a new study says. However, many specialists don’t agree with the results of the study.

Do Low-Fat Diets Prevent Breast Cancer From Returning?

According to a new study, low-fat diets may keep breast cancer from returning to women that have already had it. Many experts disagree with the study’s results, though.

Country Cell Phones Increase Cancer Chance

We always knew cell phones would fry your brain, now there’s some evidence. A recent study in Sweden showed evidence of people in rural areas having a higher chance of brain tumors from the higher radiation levels required to boost the cell phone signals for those rural.

Heart Drug Halves Cancer Risk

In a study of 500,000 US veterans, cholesterol lowering medications known as statins were shown to reduce the risk of seven different cancers by half.

Doctors Find Cancer Drug Surprise

An amazing bit of good news from the world of medicine, where doctors treating a blood disorder may have had greater impact.

New Test Detects 95% of Early Ovarian Cancer

Investigators at Yale, George Washington University, and the Nevada Cancer Institute reported they have developed a blood test that can detect the early signs of ovarian cancer with 95% accuracy.

Lung Cancer Drug Fails To Meet Endpoints

Ligand Pharmaceuticals’ lung cancer drug, Targretin, didn’t meet endpoints of improved overall survival in two Phase III studies.