Uma Thurman Red Hot In 2014 Campari Calendar

Uma Thurman Red Hot In 2014 Campari Calendar

By Val Powell November 12, 2013

Uma Thurman was in sizzling shape and style on Sunday when she attended the launch presentation of the 2014 Campari Calendar in Milan, Italy. The unveiling of the full range of highly anticipated imagery of the 2014 Campari calendar featuring Uma …

Google Calendar Criticized For Problems

Whenever Google’s services don’t quite work the way they’re supposed to, we typically accept it as the downside of getting so many great services for free, right?

Well, what about the Google services we actually pay for? Shouldn’t we hold Google to a higher standard for such services?

Google Calendar Tries To Get Along With Outlook

Suppose you use multiple calendars; by manually copying events from one to another, you’re wasting time and moving towards having them memorized, anyway.  So a new tool promises to sync Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Googlers Develop Developer Event Calendar

Pamela Fox, of Google Developer Programs, and colleague Austin Chau "hacked up" a new calendar for the developer community at large. Developers will be able to list their upcoming events and parties.

Web 2.0 for Event Promotion

How do you leverage a the Web and Internet marketing to promote your upcoming event? There are so many channels of distribution, the possibilities are almost endless. Here’s a checklist of what I did to promote an upcoming workshop I’m teaching at flyte called "How to Plan, Build and Promote a Business Blog."

Google Calendar Going Offline?

Disconnecting from the Internet doesn’t excuse you from most tasks, so why should such a move disable your calendar?  There are hints that, in coming days, it won’t – as long as you use Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Sends Event Reminders

A couple of updates to Google’s Calendar make it a little more useful to those who want to manage their activities with the service.

Do Not Follow Google’s Mistakes

This is not an attempt to bash Google. However, you can sometimes learn what not to do from some very successful people and products.

Google Launches Calendar Gallery

Google has improved on their Google Calendar service and has launched Google Calendar gallery.

Google Launches Calendar Gallery
“Google Launches Calendar Gallery”
Google Launches Calendar Gallery
Mobile Google Calendar
Google released a mobile version of their Calendar site, available at calendar.google.com on your mobile device.

Google Calendar Goes Mobile

Eric Schmidt recently said that he wants Google to be able to answer the question, “What shall I do tomorrow?”  That was creepy, yet the company’s latest product should be able to provide a response without bothering the foil-hat types.  Behold: a calendar application for mobile devices.

Google Nixes Midweek Apps Fixes

Updating software in the middle of the work week during the workday tends to make system administrators much loathed in the eyes of their users. Google decided not to embrace that level of loathing for themselves.

Public Google Calendars – Login Credentials

Startup Meme and Chris Pirillo report that quite a few people have made login credentials of theirs public via Google Calendar event descriptions, which can now be found by searching for public events for e.g. “username password”.

Niche SEO Conferences

Recently, in addition to the expansion of Elite Retreat, a couple more smaller niche SEO conferences have been announced. These conferences offer a great value because they allow you to be close to the facilitator. They are like buying under-priced consulting in the form of a conference.

2007: The Year Of The Google Calendar?

It’s a new year, and perhaps one of your resolutions is to get more organized. Using a calendar would certainly help with that, right? If you’re in the mood to play “Follow the Leader,” new data indicates that you’ll likely select Google Calendar – it just surpassed MSN Calendar in terms of traffic, and looks poised to catch up with Yahoo Calendar.

Google Showing “Internal IP” Info

Tony Ruscoe stumbled upon a couple of Google Calendar related files that were only supposed to show to Google-internal IPs…

Calendar Sharing Becoming New Social Phenomenon

Online calendars have been available for many years now but the calendar-sharing feature that Google has included in Google Calendar has opened the door to a great a form of social marketing that is bound to make waves and possibly increase your bottom line.