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Want To Cancel Your Cable In Favor Of The Web? How Cable Companies Aim To Stop You Want To Cancel Your Cable In Favor Of The Web? How Cable Companies Aim To Stop You
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The FCC has a fight on its hands between cable companies and Internet streaming set-top box companies such as Boxee. The cable companies are pushing the FCC to make a change to current regulation in order to allow them to encrypt basic cable programming.

Thinking Of Canceling Your Cable In 2012? You’re Not Alone Thinking Of Canceling Your Cable In 2012? You’re Not Alone
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Were you one of the cable subscribers that “cut the cord” last year? Despite the disturbing umbilical metaphor, it’s actually a growing trend in the United States as more people are canceling their subscription to cable because, as everybody knows, …

Roku To Carry Free Showtime Episodes Roku To Carry Free Showtime Episodes

Media streaming mammoth Roku will be featuring some free episodes of Showtime programs “Shameless” and “House of Lies”. In a cooperative venture between Roku, media cloud content provider Brightcove, and Showtime, select full episodes will be available as samples. Showtime’s …

Time Warner Cable Acquires Insight: Twitter Weighs In Time Warner Cable Acquires Insight: Twitter Weighs In
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Call it today’s other major acquisition news. This morning Google announced their purchase of Motorola Mobility. At $12.5 billion, it is their largest acquisition ever. Also announced today, after a swirl of rumors, was the acquisition of Insight Communications by …

Comcast Customers to Get HD Skype Video Calls From Their TVs Comcast Customers to Get HD Skype Video Calls From Their TVs

Comcast and Skype have joined forces to bring customers HD video calling on their TVs. The two companies have entered a strategic partnership, which will allow Comcast customers to communicate with their friends and family through their TV via HD …

Intel Increases Cable Presence with Purchase of Texas Instruments’ Cable Modem Unit

Intel just announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Texas Instruments’ cable modem unit. Intel says this will enhance its focus on in the cable industry and related markets.

PayPal and Other Web Technologies Coming to Cable
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RCDb, which credits itself as the company that used Blu-ray to bring Netflix service to the PS3, made a number of announcements today involving Cable and web technologies.

Online Ad Spending Up 7%

U.S. advertising spending in the first nine months of 2009 fell by 14.7 percent compared to the same period in 2008, according to a new report by TNS Media Intelligence.

Ad spending during the third quarter of 2009 was down 15.3 percent compared to last year, marking the sixth consecutive quarter of year-over-year declines.

Local Video Display Ads On the Rise

Online video advertising platform Mixpo is sharing some stats regarding the growth of local video and interactive display ads.

"Year-over-year, Mixpo has seen, primarily, local TV advertisers, extend their broadcast strategy and campaigns to the Web by more than 300 percent," a Mixpo spokesperson tells WebProNews. During that time, according to Mixpo, over 1.2 million minutes of video display advertising have been watched. That translates to over two years of 24/7 non-stop TV viewing.

Cable Companies Take Advertisers’ Ads Online

National Cable Communications (NCC) and Mixpo have launched an initiative to let cable advertisers extend their TV commercials to the web. This is not aimed at creating pre/post roll video ads like you might think, but videos as display ads in place of traditional banners.

NCC is jointly owned by three of the largest cable companies – Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable. This makes up a good-sized chunk of television advertising in the US.

Google TV Ads Go Broadway
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Google announced today that it has entered a television advertising agreement with Broadway Systems. Apparently Broadway Systems announced this back on the 16th, but Google is talking about it today on the Traditional Media blog.

What Home Entertainment Technology Will Win?

There has been a lot of new news lately around the idea of home entertainment and media and I wanted to write a post reflecting on recent announcements coming out of Microsoft on their Media Center platform in Windows 7, the new XBox 360, an increasing role for Netflix’s "watch now" technology and today’s announcement regarding Netflix by TiVo.

FCC Interested in Lowering Your Cable Prices
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Things have been looking up for Hulu and online video in general for a variety of reasons. News has come out today emphasizing this fact even more. ABC News is reporting that the FCC thinks that cable television providers are charging too much for access. I couldn’t agree more.

Broadband Growth Declines In The Second Quarter

The number of new broadband connections in the U.S. declined in the second quarter to the lowest level in seven years according to the Leichtman Research Group.

There were 887,000 new connections in the quarter among the top 20 cable and phone providers. The top broadband providers now account for 65.1 million subscribers with cable companies having 35.3 million broadband subscribers, and telephone companies having over 29.7 million subscribers.

Cable Ad Sales Fail At eBay

After a year, eBay closed down its Internet-based TV and radio ad selling platform, as cable channels avoided it due to fears of commoditizing ads.

Meter’s Running In Time Warner Test
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Beaumont, TX, earned the distinction of being the testing ground for metered Internet service for the heaviest users of network capacity.

Nationwide Sprint WiMax Network Idea Revived

Deep-pocketed cable companies have a newfound interest in helping Sprint and occasional partner Clearwire launch a high-speed wireless network based on the WiMax standard.

Google Connected To New Undersea Cable

Bharti Airtel, Global Transit, KDDI Corporation, Pacnet, and SingTel, along with one other corporation, are building an undersea fiber optic cable connecting America and Japan.  The cable should cost around $300 million, and the last member of the six-company consortium is Google.

Cable’s Dying, The FCC’s Killing It
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The cable industry’s in trouble, and the FCC isn’t all that interested in helping it. Six cable networks are suing the Federal agency in an attempt to block "dual must-carry" requirements set to take effect in 2009. The nuances of the issue highlight that cable just isn’t keeping up with the competition in terms of capacity, and it appears the FCC is very content to help telephone and satellite companies steamroll an entire industry.

FCC Looking into Comcast

Back in November, we mentioned how Free Press and other groups wanted ISP/cable company Comcast brought before the FCC for the way the company imitated users on BitTorrent to terminate downloads. And now, the FCC will be looking into it—at least according to Chairman Kevin Martin, speaking at CES.

Verizon Internet Speed Blows Away Cable

Some Verizon FiOS customers will see an increase in speed due to a new Internet service that has upload and download speeds up to 20 megabits per second.