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Yangon Blast in Burma Injures One American

Since its transition from a military junta to a quasi-civilian democracy in 2011, Burma has seen fewer explosions. However, a recent string of bombings has authorities and the government wondering who is upset, and why. Shortly before midnight on Monday, …

‘They Call it Myanmar’ Director Robert Lieberman Talks At Google

Dr. Robert Lieberman, novelist and director of the film, “They Call it Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain,” recently participated in an “At Google” talk, discussing the film. The late Roger Ebert included the film among his top documentaries of 2012. More …

YouTube Launches Channel To Follow Burma Elections YouTube Launches Channel To Follow Burma Elections

Burma (or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) is opening up its doors to the rest of the world and allowing media to take part in chronicling this year’s by-elections. On April 1st, millions will vote, and YouTube has …

Search World Turns Towards Burma

Top search terms aren’t always of vital significance – Google Trends currently places “when was the first bottle of coca cola sold” at number six, for example.  But search terms can also relate to very important matters, and a focus on Burma reflects this reality.

US Technology Censors Burma Web Use

The OpenNet Initiative claims the oppressive regime of Myanmar uses technology from a California company to censor Internet usage.