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U.S. Broadband Speeds Finally Seen Rising U.S. Broadband Speeds Finally Seen Rising

For the past few years, broadband access in the U.S. has been a horror show. Average broadband speeds have remained largely the same as cable companies, which have regional monopolies in many parts of the country, have raised prices and …

Missouri Asks For $142M In Stimulus For Broadband Access

Missouri is applying for $142 million in federal stimulus money to help expand the reach of broadband Internet access to rural areas in the state.

The initiative would expand broadband accessibility to 91.5 percent of the total population, a significant increase from the current projected accessibility of 79.7 percent.

Dial-up Is So Over

As broadband access becomes cheaper, online business becomes more embraced, and more of the public comes to the realization we all come to at some point (that dial-up royally sucks), faster Internet connections have become the norm, not the luxury.