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Brie Larson: Will She Replace Emma Stone and Play Billie Jean King in Upcoming Film?

Brie Larson is reportedly in talks to play the role of tennis legend Billie Jean King in an upcoming film called Battle of the Sexes. Emma Stone was initially cast in the leading role, but had to back out because of a scheduling conflict. Steve Carell is set to play Bobby Riggs in the film. The story of Billie Jean …

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Emilia Clarke Cast In Upcoming “Terminator” Film

In the newly announced and upcoming Terminator reboot, Emilia Clarke has been chosen to play the role of Sarah Connor. It is a role of high demand, and one that was made famous by Linda Hamilton in James Cameron’s classic 1984 film, The Terminator. The casting for Sarah Connor was initially narrowed down to two remaining actresses, Emilia Clarke and …

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Emilia Clarke Emerges As Front-runner To Play Sarah Connor

In yet another Terminator reboot, the casting for Sarah Connor is up for question, and the choices are being quickly narrowed down. Two young actresses, Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson, have emerged as the front-runners for the role. After the great amount of success that the first two films received, the ones that followed have been a bit of a …

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