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Christina Renna Denies Any Role In NJ Bridge Scandal

A former Chris Christie aide testified on Tuesday as to the possible role the administration may have had in George Washington bridge lane-closures. The closures were allegedly meant to cause major traffic jams and “punish” a mayor that didn’t come out in support of the governor during his campaign. Christina Renna told lawmakers that she had no knowledge of the …

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Chris Christie Cleared in Internal Probe

An internal probe paid for by the governor of New Jersey has cleared Chris Christie in any involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal. “Our investigation found that Governor Christie did not know of the lane realignment beforehand and had no involvement in the decision to realign the lanes,” NBC News quoted the report, saying the governor “made …

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Chris Christie Avoids Spotlight After Scandal

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has a bit of ground to cover in terms of working to repair his tarnished image. When Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, traveled to National Governor’s Association meeting held in Washington D.C., this fact must have been on his mind as the governor has made himself scarce since arriving. The event takes place over …

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Jon Stewart Expected More From New Jersey, Chris Christie

Daily Show host Jon Stewart is upset about the recent “Bridgeghazi” or “Bridgegate” scandal, but probably not for why you would think. You may recall hearing recently about how New Jersey governor Chris Christie was allegedly behind the cause of some serious traffic issues for residents of Fort Lee, NJ, by ordering two lanes of the George Washington Bridge to …

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