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The (Real) Alternative Storylines to Breaking Bad

(Warning! The article has *SPOILERS*) Are you tired of hearing about it yet? Perhaps, alternatively, you’re craving every last morsel of its related content? There are no parodies here, no fan fiction or anything like that – just real alternative story lines that could have broken Breaking Bad, or, enhanced it. Did you know that Vince Gilligan had one of …

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Breaking Bad is Over, Here’s How to Cope

(Unless you click the links, this article is *SPOILER FREE*) It’s over. After a long five years, it’s over. A series so impactful that it’s considered the best show on television according to the 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records. So what next? How do you console yourself after such a long run? After experiencing such a ground breaking series …

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“Joking Bad” is Jimmy Fallon’s Breaking Bad Parody

Overrated? Epidemic? No. It’s not like it was The Simpsons back in 1990 where 33.6 million viewers watched “Bart Gets an F“; it would probably be absurd by today’s standards to see Walt Jr. on the cover of TIME magazine. In fact, the most house hold viewers that Breaking Bad garnered were 2.58 million for the episode “Box Cutter”. Then again, two …

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Breaking Bad Unofficial Lego Set

You ever just want to relive the fantasy of being a kid even though you’re an adult? How about reenacting your favorite Breaking Bad scenes with this little number; a meth lab play set made with Lego pieces. (image) Citizen Brick, a company that specializes in custom Lego designs, created a 500-piece play set called the “SuperLab Playset” which is …

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