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Branded Apps Lead to More Site Visits [Research Findings]

If you’re in the marketing business the findings of this next research study are going to make a lot of sense to you. ABI Research, a company focused on technology in marketing,performed a study in December of last year of about 2000 mobile device users. About half of those users were smartphone owners. The piece of the puzzle we are …

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Apple May Change the English Language With the IPad

Did you know that aspirin was once a brand name? So was heroin, the escalator, thermos, yo-yo, and the zipper. All were new products at one time or another, and all of them became so engrained in American culture and our collective lexicon that they were deemed too generic to be referred to as brands anymore. Branding experts are saying …

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Google+ Shares Daria Musk: Hangout Success Story

If you’ve got something to share and you want to reach a wide network of people Google+ might be for you. Today Google shared on their blog the story of Daria Musk, a young musical performer who made her dreams come true using Google+ hangouts. Daria had a dream of reaching out to people with her music and playing in …

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