Apple May Change the English Language With the IPad

Apple May Change the English Language With the IPad

By Chris Gabbard April 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

Did you know that aspirin was once a brand name? So was heroin, the escalator, thermos, yo-yo, and the zipper. All were new products at one time or another, and all of them became so engrained in American culture and …

Apple Jumps Google As World’s Most Valuable Brand Apple Jumps Google As World’s Most Valuable Brand

According to the latest findings from the BrandFinance Global 500 (to be launched on March 19th), Apple will be named the world’s most valuable brand leaping over second place finisher Google. The Cupertino based corporation has achieved the highest ever …

Marilyn Monroe Officially Joins Twitter: Twitter Reacts Marilyn Monroe Officially Joins Twitter: Twitter Reacts

It was announced Tuesday that the long deceased actress has finally “officially” joined the Twitter-verse. CNNMoney.com reports that officials representing her brand are hopeful that the social network will help draw more attention to her brand. For those of you …

Social Conversion, Brand Storytelling, and Cell Phone Poop Social Conversion, Brand Storytelling, and Cell Phone Poop
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Today‚Äôs infographic round-up looks at the differences and features of paid, earned, and owned media. The second infographic shows what it takes to convert in a social world. Finally, learn about the dirtiness of the things we touch on a …

Products/Brands Atop Blogger’s Most Discussed Topics

According to Technorati’s 2009 State of the Blogosphere report, 70% of bloggers talk about products or brands on their blogs, eMarketer reports. And obviously some of these mentions would be prompted by free sample products, etc.—a practice popular enough to draw the notice of the FTC, which now requires disclosure on such review products.

Branding And Search Engine Marketing

Do you have a brand? If not, your site is part of a "cesspool." In AdAge Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt explains the AdWords quality score and organic ranking algorithms in laymans terms:

SearchRev Says Buy Your Keywords, Big Brands

Major brand name companies that rank highly in organic search for their brands should close the loop of their marketing campaigns by purchasing the brand keywords for paid search too.

Advice for Reputation & Brand Management

Recently I had a chance to post at WPW some reputation management help for Rebecca Kelly from SEOmoz.org. Here is the thread from WPW:

Reputation Management Advice

CPG Brand Sites Attract 66 Million Visitors

During the third quarter of 2007, consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand sites brought in a total of 66 million U.S. visitors, an increase of 10 percent over the same period last year, according to comScore.

MSN Video 2nd Most Popular Video Brand

MSN Video is now the second most popular video brand on the internet, following a 25.3% traffic surge in October.

Making Link Bait Work For You
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Link baiting. You’ve heard of it, most likely, but maybe are at a loss as to how it works or how to make it work for you. In this article, we explore both the search and social aspects of link bait, what it is, and how it can be approached.

Relevance…Is it Relevant?

As we mentioned Friday, Live Search is very proud of itself for finally making its results relevant. Unfortunately, I think their relevance push was obviously too little, too late.

Live Blogging the Personal Branding Summit
This is a great sign.  Today there is a very unique event happening throughout the day – the Personal Branding Summit is a telesummit of some top speakers all talking about the topic of personal branding. 
In Context Web Ads Brand Better

Advertising displayed on relevant content pages on general interest Web sites did better than the same advertising on out of context pages, according to a study by Online Testing eXchange and commissioned by ContextWeb.

Marketers Plan for More Social Media Benefits

It’s always nice to see another bit of research supporting the business use of social media. This one comes from Prospero Technologies, which provides businesses with a social media platform including blogs, widgets, article commenting, ratings and reviews and other tools.

Google Wants To Accelerate Brands
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Even though Google doesn’t want to be an advertising agency, the goals they have for their clients mimic what Madison Avenue tries to accomplish each day.

Brand Advertising – The Next Mobile Wave

European research firm Vanson Bourne was commissioned this summer to report on 50 global brands’ attitudes toward mobile marketing. More than two-thirds expected to spend up to 10% of their marketing budget on mobile messaging campaigns within two years.