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Neil Young Calls for Starbucks Boycott Over GMO Lawsuit

Neil Young is protesting Starbucks. And when Neil Young protests something, people notice — for better or for worse. When the National Guard rolled in to Kent State back in the 60s and left four students dead in their wake, …

Sharia Law Prompts Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott

The Night Before the Oscars, an annual gala held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, may be hosted at a different venue henceforth, due to the Sultan of Brunei’s ownership of the storied inn. The Motion Picture & Television Fund, which …

Greg Louganis Offers Alternative To Boycott
· 17

The Olympics is an event meant to bring the world together in a spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect. Sometimes the choice of host city can clash strongly with this purpose. When Sochi, Russia was chosen for the 2014 Olympics, …

Olympic Boycott: Athletes Can’t Compete With Snowden
· 2

Remember that time Jimmy Carter declared a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics and everything went smoothly? Oh, wait, the boycott was the most universally derided decision of his presidency? Well, another politician has decided to see whether the same …

Modern Warfare 3 Blackout Planned
· 3

Apparently, releasing some paid DLC is not the way to go about pacifying a fanbase that wants a little more support for their buck. At least, that’s the position a group of Modern Warfare 3 “fans” are taking for what …

Limbaugh Advertiser Says Ad Boycott Is “Terrorism” Limbaugh Advertiser Says Ad Boycott Is “Terrorism”
· 66

Mark Stevens advertises on Rush Limbaugh’s show, even after the latest Limbaugh scandal. He remains unbowed by the current advertiser boycott that is decimating Limbaugh’s advertiser base. Yesterday, Mark Stevens was on the Fox Business Network show Varney and Co. …

Rush Limbaugh’s Rights Defended By Window Cleaner
· 3

A residential window cleaning company in Knoxville, Tennessee has bought its first radio ad in over ten years of business. In it they talked very little about their service and spent most of the ad defending what they saw as …

Netflix Ditches Rush Limbaugh After Slurs
· 9

After Mike Fossum and others reported earlier that Netflix was still advertising with Rush Limbaugh, people started calling the company, Tweeting, and canceling services. (image)@RonHoganRon HoganContinuing to advertise on Limbaugh’s show may prove an even stupider business move than Qwikster, …

Seller Boycott Fails To Impress eBay
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Several times in the past, eBay sellers protested changes in site policies with boycotts. Though sellers received more attention this time, they had the same result in effecting a change: zero.

eBay Sellers Make Statement, Site Not Listening
· 11

eBay disputed third-party claims about falling listings during a week-long protest by sellers opposed to fee increases imposed by the online marketplace.

eBay Boycott Having Minimal Effect
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A three percent drop in listings at eBay this week could be due to a boycott kicked off by enraged sellers this week, or simply a dip in the normal course of business.