Google+ Aims To Lower Your Site’s Mobile Bounce Rate

Google+ Aims To Lower Your Site’s Mobile Bounce Rate

By Chris Crum May 13, 2013 | 1 Comment

Google announced the launch of content recommendations for mobile sites via the Google+ Platform. By adding a line of code, webmasters can encourage users to look at more of their articles when they’re browsing mobile sites, by delivering recommended (by …

Google Launches Commerce Search to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Google has launched a new product that online retailers may find incredibly useful for improving the product search on their site, and potentially increasing sales and reducing bounce rates. It’s called simply Google Commerce Search. Think Google Site Search, specifically tailored to e-commerce and product sites. Google couldn’t have timed such a release any better with the holiday shopping season arriving. 

Following Up with Website Abandoners
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SeeWhy shared some interesting findings from a survey of over 150 Google Analytics about website abandonment. They discussed "post session remarketing" and say it is going to grow rapidly.

Post session remarketing is basically going after individual users who have abandoned your site. "Of all the techniques out there, remarketing in real-time (thru e-mail specifically) is set to grow 152 percent," a representative for SeeWhy tells WebProNews.

Google Talking Bounce Rate Again
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Avinash KaushikGoogle Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik has passed out some tips on improving bounce rates. For those still a little hazy on the concept of bounce rates, he explains it simply:

Putting Behavioural Metrics In Perspective

So here’s the question; are behavioural metrics being used in modern search? You do remember them right? Those warm and fuzzy little signals such as bounce rates that there all the rage in late 2008 in the search engine optimization world? Sure you do… but let’s take one last look.

Google Answers Bounce Rate Questions

Some questions about how bounce rate relates to SEO came up over at Webforumz.com, where our own Mike McDonald was kind enough to step in and try to get some answers about. Mike asked some questions to a couple of Googlers, and the following responses are the result of that. This should shed a little light on how Google takes bounce rate into account.

First Mike got a response from Google Search Evangelist Adam Lasnik:

Web Analytics: The Future, SEO, Tools, and Mistakes

It’s no secret that web analytics are important to the success of a website. It looks like that importance might even increase in the future as change unfolds in the search industry, throwing a fork in the spokes of how Internet marketers drive traffic to sites.

Web Analytics and SEO

Report Released on Global Analytics Stats

Analytics vendor, VisiStat, has released a new report containing a summary of Global web analytics statistics they collected over 2007.

Demystifying Bounce Rate

Time and again my clients ask me about Bounce Rate. This made me think that there is still confusion about what bounce rate and exit ratio are. The three main questions that have come up are

Learn To Love The Bounce Rate
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When it comes to website analytics, bounce rate is as dead sexy as it gets when it comes to statistics.