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Google+ Aims To Lower Your Site’s Mobile Bounce Rate

Google announced the launch of content recommendations for mobile sites via the Google+ Platform. By adding a line of code, webmasters can encourage users to look at more of their articles when they’re browsing mobile sites, by delivering recommended (by Google) content based on a variety of factors. “When you help someone find a great article on your site, you’re …

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Google: Use This Code To Adjust Your Bounce Rate

Google put out an interesting post on the Google Analytics blog today about how to track adjusted bounce rate. For the record, Google apparently does not use bounce rate as a ranking signal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important metric to track. However, as Google notes, it’s more useful for some types of sites than for others. “Imagine …

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Matt Cutts: Google Doesn’t Use Bounce Rate

There’s been a lot of talk over the years (especially post Panda update) about whether or not Google uses bounce rate as a ranking signal. In fact, even this morning at SMX Advanced in the SEO Periodic Table session, the topic came up. Here are a couple of tweets from an attendee of that session: Follow @CliffyKOnline Cliff Karklin @CliffyKOnline …

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