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Google Moog Doodle Songs Showing Up on YouTube

As you might expect, ever since the Bob Moog Google Doodle showed up–it’s still up on Google, ala, the Les Paul Doodle–folks have been uploading songs covered by the playable synthesizer. The results are about what you’d expect: digital songs that almost sound like the original song that’s being covered. In fact, many of them sound like the kind of …

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Bob Moog Doodle Hits Google Homepage

Yesterday, the Bob Moog Google doodle hit Google’s home page in some parts of the world (where it was already May 23), but now it’s up for the rest of us. The doodle honors the birthday of Robert Arthur Moog, who founded Moog Music and invented the Moog synthesizer. Here’s how Google portrays Moog with its new Knowledge Graph results: …

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Bob Moog: Google Doodle Celebrates Inventor’s Influence

Today’s Google Doodle, which went live yesterday in Australia, features a cool little playable synthesizer that harkens back to a Doodle from last year featuring a Les Paul guitar in honor of the legend’s birthday. And while a lot of people will be enjoying a nice little break from the monotony of the workday today, most of them won’t realize …

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