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Bob Marley: Parasite Named After Legendary Musician

The Bob Marley parasite, or, if you prefer, the “Gnathia marley”, is a tiny, blood-sucking organism that is known to infect fish living on Caribbean coral reefs. Although may believe this isn’t the most fitting homage to a musician who spent his life singing about peace, love and harmony, the man who named the aforementioned parasite probably meant no ill …

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Bob Marley Birthday Wishes Via Twitter

Potheads get accused for having really poor memory, and rightfully so. Today, however, the memory of pot heads everywhere was spot-on as they took to Twitter to remember the birthday of their patron saint and reggae legend, Bob Marley. In fact, for at least an hour that I saw this morning, “Happy Birthday Bob Marley” and “Robert Nesta Marley,” his …

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