Bloglines Dead, But Google Reader Still Growing

Bloglines Dead, But Google Reader Still Growing

By Chris Crum September 13, 2010 | 17 Comments

You may have read that Bloglines is being shutdown, but that doesn’t exactly mean RSS readers are dead. Google Reader, for one, is still growing strong.

Google posted a couple of graphs today showing how use continues to grow from year to year. 

Bloglines Makes The Save

The Bloglines Beta feedreader began rolling out new features with the addition of a Save button for articles.

Bloglines Adds Top 1000, More Enhancements

Bloglines did another update today, adding a new Bloglines Top 1000 section, showing off the 100 most popular blogs, along with data on which ones are moving up or down, and sidebars with the new blogs on the list and the biggest movers.

Bloglines Console Continues Development

Bloglines beta keeps adding commands to the console.

Bloglines Mobile Updates

First, they added support for logging into Bloglines via OpenID. While I’m not a big fan of OpenID in practice, it is a good idea in theory, so if you’re a big fan of that theory, go ahead and use it.

New RSS Reader by Apple for Windows

You’ve used Google Reader and BlogLines, but have you used Safari? Safari has been my RSS Reader (and browser) of choice ever since its debut years ago, but now its available for Windows as well! It’s not a web-based reader like others, but you can read, search, and sort all of your RSS feeds offline as well as online. Its subtle number count in your bookmark bar keeps you well informed when new content opens up.

Who Gets the Majority of Your On-line Attention?

It just occurred to me that if I look at the on-line services I used most, there’s not really a clear winner when it comes to who gets the bulk of my online attention. Here’s the current list along with the current owner of each (since 3 of the 4 were acquisitions):

Must Reads in Search Marketing for This Week

Tomorrow is Good Friday and therefore a stat holiday so I am wrapping up this short work week with the most interesting stories I have read in the Industry:

Power 150 Marketing Blogs List Now International

In January, Todd And published the Power 150 Top Marketing Blogs, a ranked listing of marketing blogs in the US.

Google Reader’s Influence on RSS

Earlier this month, I wrote about the increasing number of subscribers to this blog’s RSS feed with numbers exceeding 1,000 for the first time.

Bloglines Tops Online Feedreader Choices

If visitors to your website choose to add your feed to their web-based reader of choice, they probably have that feed added to Ask.com’s Bloglines service.

Blog Terminology 101

With over 3 million blogs created in the third quarter of 2006 and around 1,000 blogs coming online every day according to Technorati, people might get confused by all the industry buzz words and lingo.

If you’re just looking for some basic blog terminology so you can feel like you’re “part of it,” then read on. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, check back in a few days for more advanced blog terminology.

Bloglines Ups Features With Playlists

Of the 175-plus feeds I track using Bloglines, it can be daunting to look at all of them at once. They might as well be stacks of magazines piled up on my desk.

Ask Upgrades Sponsored Listings and Bloglines

Ask.com has given users a twofer to start off their Monday morning.

Another Lesson on Corporate Blogging

Today’s lesson: Once a post goes up, leave it up. Pulling it down can have worse consequences than letting it stand.

Bloglines Share of Feedburner Numbers?

I know a lot of folks out there use FeedBurner to outsource the hosting and metrics of their RSS feeds. I’ve not done so (yet?) but am curious about one thing.

Ask For A Smart RSS Answer
· 1

Ask.com now displays RSS Smart Answers for web searches on the names of popular blogs or news sources; the three latest posts from a site’s RSS feed will appear atop the Ask search results.