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NBC Is Pulling a Netflix and Dropping All 13 Episodes of ‘Aquarius’ at Once

NBC has caught the binge-watching bug. The network had decided to take a page from Netflix’s book and just dump an entire season of a new show for viewers to stream at their pleasure. Following its May 28 premiere, the new David Duchovny – Charles Manson show Aquarius will land online. All of it. NBC says you’ll be able to …

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Netflix Defends Content Release Strategy

Since Netflix has been offering its customers original shows, it has been offering them full seasons at a time, catering to the well-known binge-watching phenomenon. Netflix’s competitors have often criticized this approach, and when the company changed the strategy up a little bit late last year with the launch of Turbo FAST, some questioned whether the company was straying from …

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Netflix Shares Some Data On Binge Watching

Netflix is sharing results from a recent Harris Interactive survey, finding that out of 1,500 adult TV streamers in the U.S (those that stream shows at least once a week), 61% “binge watch” shows regularly. 73% of these people defined bing watching as watching between two and six episodes of the same show in one sitting, as opposed to weekend-long …

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38% of Americans Use Netflix, 88% Report Binge Viewing

More than one-third of Americans now stream movies and TV shows via Netflix. A new report from Nielsen says that 38% of people in the U.S. use or subscribe to Netflix, up from 31% in 2012. Overall, the use of streaming services has increased in the past year. Use of Hulu and Amazon Prime have also been on the rise, …

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Amazon Says No to Binge Watching with Its Original Series

As far as subscription-based streaming video providers go, Netflix got out ahead of the rest of the pack when it comes to high-quality original content. And since they’re the trendsetters, it’s their release style and structure that most people have come to expect. Just dump all of the episodes at once – that’s the Netflix way. They did it with …

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Arrested Development Creator: Binge Watching On Netflix Could Make It Less Fun

Arrested Development’s return via Netflix is only days away (it will be available on Sunday, May 26th), and fans who have been waiting for years are ready to dive in. Netflix’s exclusive shows have brought about a new trend of “binge watching” (watching the entire season immediately, as opposed to the traditional one episode per week format), but should we …

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