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Bing Gives Some Lessons On Bing Maps

Google and Bing do things differently. I think we all understand that by now. Their differences apparently extend to how they teach. Google teaches people through their weekly Office Hours Hangouts which gives developers to talk to the people behind the product they use to get real answers. Bing just, well, they put slides on the Internet. Are you feeling …

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Bing Maps Preps for London Summer Olympics with Streetside, Bird’s Eye Updates

Bing Maps has announced a host of image updates to both the Bird’s Eye feature and Streetside imagery that offer up some stunning resolution to the included locations. Bird’s Eye offers a fully rotating view of select places giving not only a 45-degree view of an area but also in a remarkably high quality image. As of today’s update, there’s …

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Bing Maps Moves To WPF Control Integration

Bing maps used to be integrated with AJAX and Silverlight. Those are in all the past now though since Bing Maps now has native WPF control. Some of you may be thinking that AJAX and Silverlight were just fine. Well, WPF control has some advantages that you would do well to take advantage of. The main advantage being that developers …

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Bing Maps Gets Easier Shape Rendering

Chris Pendleton of the Bing Maps team deals with a lot of complaints that Bing Maps doesn’t make it easy to render “GIS stuff” via the Bing Maps API. Your calls have not gone unheeded as the team has made it much easier to render holes in polygons. Pendleton says that there were community solutions to this particular problem, he …

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Bing Maps Adds Venue Maps, Neighborhood Maps, & More [UPDATED]

The Bing Maps Blog has announced a series of new updates, most notably the great feature that now offers maps of almost 900 indoor venues. Covering all sorts of facilities from malls to museums, casinos to football stadiums, the maps offer up what you’d expect: a floor plan designed to let you see around corners and help you find your …

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Microsoft Banking On OpenStreetMap To Undermine Google Maps

For years, Google Maps has been synonymous with “online maps.” Although Microsoft launched its own mapping service, Bing Maps, in 2010, it was nearly five years after Google Maps launched its first stable release and well after Google’s service had established itself as the foremost source for online geography and directions. Any service and app incorporating any type of geotagging …

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Bing Maps Touches Up Pushpins & Popups, Transit Info

If you’re a Bing Maps user, you might notice some changes to the service’s aesthetic as well as some updated transit information. At first, I have to imagine that these design changes are to further distinguish Bing Maps from Google Maps, which the last redesign they announced did pretty noticeably but those changes were purely to the maps themselves. Changing …

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Bing Maps Announces SDK For Metro Style Apps

The Bing Team announced today that they’re releasing beta version of a new tool for developers that will allow them to improve the quality of apps written in Microsoft’s design language, Metro. Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps will enable developers to add the latest road maps, bird’s-eye views, and low-angle high-res images to their apps. The announcement comes …

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Bing Maps Getting Deep Into Route Planning

Bing has implemented a whole new routing engine on Bing Maps with a new route calculation algorithm. The new algorithm changes how driving directions queries are computed. Algorithms behind routes on search engines’ maps probably aren’t something that most of us give a whole lot of that, but Bing clearly wants us to know how proud they are of this, …

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