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Billy Graham’s Health Declining, Son Requests Prayer
· 15

“We value your prayers — in fact, we depend on them.” Billy Graham, the American Christian Evangelist, celebrated his 95th birthday in Asheville, N.C. last month but, according to his son, Franklin Graham, his health “has declined quite a bit …

Billy Graham Launches “My Hope” Campaign in US
· 26

We’ve all seen those massive, conglomerate, super churches. And we’ve also all either been supremely awed by their presence, or extremely jealous that our favorite sports teams don’t have gyms as nice as the local church. Whatever the reaction, there …

Billy Graham’s Crusades For Christ Moves Online

For years the Billy Graham Crusade for Christ has been a beacon for Christians to reach out. Billy Graham is considered the “pastor to the Presidents” as he has met with and counseled every president from Truman to Obama. Since …