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Meryl Streep Calls Walt Disney A “Gender Bigot”

On Tuesday, when Meryl Streep got on stage at the National Board of Review Awards Gala, the audience was probably expecting a thoughtful, short, congratulatory speech. She was presenting actress Emma Thompson an award for her role in the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”. Streep read a beautiful poem to honor her friend, but she also took a few minutes to blast American business …

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Joe Rickey Hundley: Baby Slapper Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison

Joe Rickey Hundley was sentenced Monday by a federal judge to serve 8 months in prison for assaulting a 19-month-old child on February 8 of last year. According to FBI documents, Hundley, a resident of  Idaho at the time, committed the offence while on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta. He was seated next to Jessica Bennett, a white woman who was …

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I Stand With Phil Petition: Bigotry In Danger?

When people sign the “I Stand With Phil” petition, what is it that they’re actually standing with? You’ve probably heard the following or seen it written: “I stand with Phil Robertson because freedom of speech is under attack!” The First Amendment of the American Constitution defines freedom of speech as the following: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment …

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Leah Remini Is A “Bigot” Says Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley seems to be upset by Leah Remini’s public criticism of the Church of Scientology. Alley, who was a guest on “The Howard Stern Show” Wednesday, ended up calling Remini a Bigot for attacking her religion. Alley has been a staunch and vocal supporter of the controversial church and says she joined the church to overcome her cocaine addiction …

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