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Survey Shows E-Reading On The Rise Survey Shows E-Reading On The Rise

A new study has found that Americans’ use of e-readers to read their books is on the rise. Over a fifth – 21% – of Americans have now read at least one e-book, and their popularity is growing, especially among …

Office Depot Will Now Offer NOOK Tablets Office Depot Will Now Offer NOOK Tablets

Office Depot is celebrating 25 year in the business of providing quality products and services to customers worldwide. Today they announced that they are partnering with the world’s largest book seller, Barnes & Noble to offer their cutting-edge ebook readers, …

Barnes & Noble Posts Q3 2012 Results, Announces 8GB Nook Barnes & Noble Posts Q3 2012 Results, Announces 8GB Nook

The financial results for Barnes & Noble third quarter of the financial year have been released and, initially, all signs point in good directions for the bookseller. This might come as a surprise to some since speculation grew over the …

Free Nook With Purchase of NYT Offer Runs Through March 9th Free Nook With Purchase of NYT Offer Runs Through March 9th

Barnes & Noble has just announced a new promotion that offers big savings on their Nook line of e-readers, but also requires a pretty big commitment to a certain digital publication. If you were looking to purchase a year’s subscription …

Barnes & Noble Looks To Spin-Off Nook Amid Record Sales Barnes & Noble Looks To Spin-Off Nook Amid Record Sales

Barnes & Noble announced today that it is pursuing “strategic exploratory work to separate its Nook business”. In other words, the company is looking to spin Nook off. “We see substantial value in what we’ve built with our Nook business …

Nook Tablet Revealed As Barnes & Noble Responds to Kindle Fire, iPad Nook Tablet Revealed As Barnes & Noble Responds to Kindle Fire, iPad
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Barnes & Noble unveiled its new Nook Tablet today at an event in New York. This is the company’s answer to the iPad, and even more so, Amazons Kindle Fire. Barnes & Noble is one of the top booksellsers in …

Nook Tablet Leaked, Release Date November 16th Nook Tablet Leaked, Release Date November 16th
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It looks like Barnes & Noble is about to launch its answer to the new Amazon Kindle Fire with the first true tablet to grace their line of Nook e-readers – the Nook Tablet. Engadget has unearthed some documents that …

Is Apple Interested In Purchasing Barnes & Noble? Is Apple Interested In Purchasing Barnes & Noble?
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Would it make sense for Apple to purchase Barnes & Noble, the nations largest book retailer? If you read into Internet gossip, and you know you do, this is the rumor of the moment. It appears the rumor started over …

New Nook is Smaller, Lighter and Touch-Enabled New Nook is Smaller, Lighter and Touch-Enabled

Barnes & Noble has just announced its all new Nook, and at only $139 it looks poised to challenge Amazon’s Kindle with wi-fi only in the market of more affordable e-readers. The all new Nook is the lightest e-reader on …

Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec for Patent Infringement

Today, Microsoft filed suit against Barnes & Noble and the makers of its Nook e-reader and tablet, Foxconn International Holdings and Inventec Corporation. The claim was filed by corporate VP and deputy general counsel Horacio Gutierrez. Microsoft claims patent infringement …

Barnes & Noble Works To Attract Amazon Affiliates
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Barnes & Noble has issued an open letter to Amazon.com affiliates  trying to convince them to join its network.

The letter comes after Amazon’s decision to stop its affiliate program in some states that require the online retailer to collect sales tax on purchases.

Barnes & Noble Declares Nook Devices Bestsellers

Three days after Amazon declared the third-generation Kindle the best-selling product in its history, Barnes & Noble has responded with a similar claim.  It seems the Nook line of devices now qualifies as Barnes & Noble’s all-time bestseller.

One small nuisance: like Amazon, Barnes & Noble chose not to share any specific sales figures, so don’t think we failed to repeat the number of Nooks that have found their way into consumers’ hands.  The company only said that almost 1 million "NOOKbooks" were sold on Christmas.

Barnes & Noble Begins Shipping Nookcolor E-Reader

Barnes & Noble said today it will begin shipping its Nookcolor ahead of schedule to people who pre-ordered the device.

The Nookcolor will begin arriving today and through the week to people who pre-ordered the device online and at Barnes & Noble stores. The e-reader will also start arriving at Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Walmart and Books-A-Million in “very limited quantities” this week and will include in-store demonstrations.

Barnes & Noble Launches Online Publishing Platform
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Barnes & Noble has introduced “PubIt!” a platform for independent publishers and authors to digitally distribute their content through BN.com and the company’s eBookstore.

PubIt! uses a Web-based platform for publishers to independently set up their accounts, upload their eBooks, set the list price and track their sales and payments. Publishers can price their titles between $0.99 and $199.99 and receive a royalty based on the given price.

Barnes & Noble Enhances Nook for iPhone, iPad, PC
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Barnes & Noble announced some enhancements to it its Nook e-reading software for the PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. There is a completely new app for the iphone and iPod.

"Completely new, the next-generation NOOK for iPhone application delivers the most personalized and easy-to-use eReading experience for iPhone and iPod touch owners," the company says. "NOOK for iPad adds customer-requested, in-app content rating and other improvements to the company’s popular iPad app, and NOOK for PC brings new branding to the company’s desktop software.

Barnes & Noble Launches “NookStudy” for Students

As you may know, the digital book war between Amazon and Barnes & Noble has been heating up. Last week, Barnes & Noble announced an important move it is making, adding Nook boutiques to its brick and mortar stores across the country.

Barnes & Noble Uses its Brick & Mortar Advantage Against Amazon’s Kindle

The e-book/e-reader wars are really heating up. Amazon has plenty of good news to share around its Kindle device. Now Barnes & Noble is talking about a major push to increase Nook sales.

Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Android App
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Barnes & Noble has introduced Nook for Android. This comes in the form of a free app that lets users read eBooks with customizable font styles. The company says this is the first Android eReader app that lets users share eBooks with friends.

The company also points out that this is the first eReader software to feature its new "NOOK-centric" branding. The app will soon be followed up with updated apps for the iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

Barnes & Noble Looks to Build Digital Libraries, Gives Classic Books Away
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Barnes & Noble is encouraging customers to build their own personal digital libraries with a promotion called Barnes & Noble Classics.

Barnes & Noble Forces Amazon to Lower Kindle Price
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Earlier today, Barnes & Noble revealed a new Wi-Fi version of its Nook eBook reader, and along with that, dropped the price of its 3G version to $199. Not to be outdone, Amazon has now announced that it has dropped the price of its Kindle from $259 to $189.

Here Comes Apple’s iOS 4
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iOS4, the recently announced new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is due out today. Users of devices that utilize this OS are no doubt anxious to get it, but they shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Although as Brad McCarty at The Next Web points out, "Bear in mind, iPhone OS 3 (released last year) took the better part of the day to hit the public."