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Backstreet Boys, ‘Nsync Team Up for Zombie Movie

The Backstreet Boys and ‘Nsync are teaming up to fight zombies in the Old West. That’s the elevator pitch for a project in the works from Nick Carter. And he’s bringing along friends. There is a little more to the tale, of course. And although some of the Backstreet and ‘Nsync members are signed on, not everyone has been brought …

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Aaron Carter Says He Wants Hilary Duff Back

If you let the guy or girl you considered “The One” get away, would you later (as in a decade later) post on Twitter about how you still pine for that person? That’s exactly what former pop singer Nick Carter did on Wednesday. After retweeting a picture of former girlfriend Hilary Duff, Carter talked about how he lost the love …

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Sea Lion Bobs Her Head to Backstreet Boys [VIDEO]

Ronan the sea lion knows how to keep a beat. Just turn on some disco or some late 90s Backstreet Boys, and she’ll nod her head and keep time. Incredible. Here’s what the University of California Santa Cruz’s Pinniped Lab had to say about Ronan: One of our resident sea lions, Ronan, is the first non-human mammal shown able to …

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Backstreet Boys Finally Get Around to Making a Harlem Shake Video and Your Tween Heart Will Melt

You thought the Harlem Shake was a dead meme, didn’t you? Well, nothing is really complete until the Backstreet Boys have a crack at it, right? No? That’s not a thing? Either way, I’ll be willing to bet that there’s still a fairly large contingent of you out there whose heart still flutters with the mere mention of BSB. You …

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