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Antivirus Software – AVG For Mac Users Too!

Millions of Mac users can finally get on board with the AVG AntiVrus that was previously designed exclusively for PC users. Mac seems to always be last on the list – for most major software applications. Although Apple does have some amazing software designed exclusively for the Mac, most PC software is not available for the Mac OS operating system. …

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Your Computer And Mobile Device Remain At Risk In 2013

Cybersecurity is a serious issue, and one that needs to be taken up by everybody. It’s not just a matter of some state hackers breaking into servers owned by a rival government. Cybersecurity affects you as well when a for-profit hacker goes after your credit card numbers with targeted malware. These issues didn’t subside in 2012, and it’s only going …

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Yahoo Has A New Search Deal With AVG

Antivirus maker AVG announced on Thursday that it has formed a new Search and Distribution relationship with Yahoo. AVG’s Secure Search offering is now powered by Yahoo. This is interesting, considering that Yahoo’s own search is powered by Bing. AVG CEO JR Smith said, “AVG is excited to team up with Yahoo! to help provide Internet users with peace of …

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Diablo III Trojan Pulls Off Impressive Movie-Inspired Hack

Hollywood gets a lot of things wrong when it comes to technology. One of the most persistent errors that we see is the hacker character. They’re always portrayed as some kid who can perform all manner of technological magic that is just too good to be true. It turns out that one hacker in China just moved from the silver …

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Google Enters Toolbar Deal With AVG

Chalk up another victory for Google in terms of edging out its competitors.  Today, well-known security company AVG announced that the Google will replace Yahoo as the search foundation of its antivirus and security products.

This is development supposed to "broaden the search functionality of AVG’s Security Toolbar product and real-time Internet security solution, AVG LinkScanner," AVG explained in a statement.

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Social Network Users More Vulnerable To Security Risks

The majority of social networking users are vulnerable to online security problems with less than one third taking actions to protect themselves, according to a new survey by AVG and the CMO Council.

According to the poll results most social network users fail to perform the following basic security measures on a regular basis:

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Journalists Not Protecting Themselves Online

BPM Forum and AVG Technologies released some interesting findings from the Protect the Press Poll, a survey of the cyber security habits of the working press. The biggest takeaway is that the supposedly well-informed members of the press are no better at protecting themselves online than the average user.

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AVG Releases Free Real-Time Search Scanner

AVG has pretty good timing considering the recent success cybercrooks have had with manipulating search results to direct searchers to malicious websites. The security company released a free tool today that scans links before users click on them.
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Men Think They Are More Secure Online

The majority of men think that they know more about online security than women, but a new poll indicates that both sexes are equally vulnerable to online threats.

The poll of 1,400 UK adults revealed that men are more likely to be confident about their online security and only 4 percent are unsure of what protection their computer has. "My gut feeling, because I’m a man, is that it is one of those societal gender things," said Larry Bridwell, global security strategist at AVG, which commissioned the study.

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