Zoe Saldana and Husband Marco Perego Welcome Twin Boys, a ‘Dream Come True For Both of Them’

Zoe Saldana and Husband Marco Perego Welcome Twin Boys, a ‘Dream Come True For Both of Them’

By Pam Wright December 13, 2014

Zoe Saldana and her husband, Marco Perego, are the proud parents of twin boys. According to a source for E! News, mother and baby boys are happy and healthy. “She had her twins,” a source told the website, adding that …

James Cameron Taking ‘Avatar’ Sequels to New Zealand James Cameron Taking ‘Avatar’ Sequels to New Zealand

Director James Cameron has confirmed that three sequels to his ‘Avatar’ blockbuster will be produced in New Zealand, beginning in 2015. New Zealand, the Polynesian country where Peter Jackson filmed his ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ trilogies, has agreed …

James Cameron to Film Three Avatar Sequels Back-to-Back James Cameron to Film Three Avatar Sequels Back-to-Back


Although I did enjoy “Avatar” — the theatrical version, not the overlong extended cut — the idea of sitting through three sequels seems a little daunting. For me, everything I needed to know about Pandora and its inhabitants is contained …

John Carter is a Colossal Flop! John Carter is a Colossal Flop!


The Walt Disney Co. expects to lose over $200 million for the month of March after John Carter turned out to be a colossal flop. Disney said “John Carter” has brought in about $184 million in ticket sales worldwide so …

The First Rule Of Dot War: You Do Not Tweet About Dot War
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Have you ever found yourself wondering if your Twitter icon could beat another in a pixel battle royale? Sure, we all have at one point or another… but now, thanks to Dot War, you can battle it out with other Twitter icons.

With whom are you going to have your Twitter icon do battle? Let us know.

Google Preps Postini For Business World
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As enamored as the tech world can be with the business to consumer relationships of Web 2.0 applications, Google understands what companies like Microsoft and IBM do – the real money is in business to business relationships.

Avatar Seeks Semantic Search

Researchers at IBM Almaden have been developing a semantic search process that can delve into unstructured text to retrieve structured information.

Tech Tries Targeting Teens Technologically

Marketing discussions and efforts at gaining the attention of the elusive teen market take different forms, in looking at how one Internet titan and one relative newcomer give it a try.

Virtual Sex Bed Caper Leads To Avatar Lawsuit

Just try to read this without feeling like you’re sitting in the back of the classroom, snickering with your buddies at the slightest hint of double entendre – you know, she said jacket, heh heh.


Cutting MyBlogLog Spam

Social traffic is fantastic because:

      • It’s highly targeted
      • It’s immediate
      • It’s low cost and often free

The downside is because of it’s interactive nature (which contributes to it’s virality), spam marketers will always try to flood you, and drown out your message with their spam.

This includes, but is not limited to:

MTV And There.com Hit The Avatar Zone

Hi and welcome to the WebProNews clarification zone, where we try to unmash the mashups of media, technology, public relations, and what’s really going on.

Taatu: Another Virtual World

Second Life is the virtual world that’s getting all the attention these days, especially in the English-speaking world.