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Cinemagraphs Could Be the Next Big Thing in Facebook Advertising

Facebook, a company that makes its money selling ad space, has the same problem that everyone who deals in advertising has. How do I capture the consumer’s attention? Or, more aptly put, how do I make people stop and give a damn – if just briefly? Advertising on Facebook has evolved over the years to include the rather in-your-face tactic …

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Twitter Reportedly Torn on Autoplay Videos

Whether you’re a marketing-minded person who thinks that Twitter is a perfect place for autoplay video ads or a user who absolutely hates the sound of that – you have people inside the company that agree with you. In fact, the decision-makers at Twitter are split on whether or not to take the next step in video and autoplay them …

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Instagram Yanks Option to Turn Off Video Autoplay a Week After Announcing Ads

In oh Instagram, I see what you’re up to news, you can no longer disable autoplay for Instagram videos. For the more visually inclined, you used to have this option… And now you don’t. Now, you only have an option to toggle the pre-loading of videos to “always” or “Wi-Fi only” It appears that Instagram snuck this into an update …

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