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Guess How Many WordPress.com Blogs Were Created In 2014 Guess How Many WordPress.com Blogs Were Created In 2014

We may be nearly a week into January, but there are still some interesting year-in-review posts coming out from major Internet companies. On Monday, Amazon gave us a look back at third-party seller performance in 2014, for example. Now, Automattic …

WordPress.com Bloggers Get ‘Press Publish’ Event Series WordPress.com Bloggers Get ‘Press Publish’ Event Series

Automattic, the company behind WordPress and WordPress.com, announced the launch of a new event series called Press Publish. This will give bloggers the chance to learn and network with so-called WordPress.com experts. “These events will focus on inspiration and tools …

Automattic Announces BruteProtect Acquisition Automattic Announces BruteProtect Acquisition

Automattic, the company that runs WordPress, announced that it has acuiqred BruteProtect, which makes a plugin and service for protecting sites from malicious logins, and saves server resources to help sites run faster. The plugin, according to the company, also …

Mullenweg Takes Over Automattic CEO Role Mullenweg Takes Over Automattic CEO Role

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is getting a new CEO. Kind of. Founder Matt Mullenweg is stepping into the CEO role held by Toni Schneider for the past eight years, while Schneider is taking over for Mullenweg. From the sound …

WordPress.com Now Lets Users Register .CO Domains WordPress.com Now Lets Users Register .CO Domains
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Automattic announced today that it has added .CO as a new top-level domain option for WordPress.com users. This joins other options like .ME, .COM, .NET, and .ORG. It will cost you $25 a year for a .CO domain. To register …

WordPress Receives Grammar Check Plug-In

I’ve always maintained that it’s dangerous to take a single Marketing Pilgrim post and assume you understand our sentiment and bias towards any one company. If you read yesterday’s criticism of WordPress, you’d think we were “automattic” haters. 

Today, you’d be eating humble pie.

WordPress Creators Acquire PollDaddy
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Integrating polls into your WordPress blog just got easier. WordPress creators Automattic have acquired poll and survey service PollDaddy.

BlogWorld: Matt Mullenweg Keynote

Matt Mullenweg is the man behind WordPress, Automattic, and the popular blog “Photo Matt.”  So as the keynote speaker at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo, he discussed blogging, Automattic, and WordPress.

Automattic Doesn’t Sell Out For $200 Million

People who are trying to sell a house might make all sorts of small upgrades as they attempt to offload the property.  And Automattic made the “small upgrade” of acquiring Gravatar just two weeks ago.  Automattic’s owners apparently aren’t looking to sell, though – a report indicates that they turned down a $200 million acquisition offer.

Calling Jonathan Schwartz

Matt Mullenweg (the guy who started Automattic, which produces Wordpress, which runs this blog and many others) tells Jonathan Schwartz that Sun Microsystems isn’t there for startups.

Interview with Automattic CEO, Toni Schneider

You might have heard of Wordpress or Akismet (Wordpress is the software/service that hosts my blog here, and Akismet is the service that blocks all sorts of comment spam).

Yahoo Exec Puts Career On Automattic

Toni Schneider, lately the man behind Yahoo’s Developer Network, will leave the cozy confines of Sunnyvale for the dual joys of heading a startup and partnering in a venture capital firm.