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Charmr Makes 3D Printable Jewelry Out Of Your Photos

Autodesk’s 123D Web app is an easy way to create 3D models that can then be sent to your 3D printer. For Valentine’s Day, Autodesk has added a new app called Charmr that lets you convert a photograph into jewelry. In essence, Charmr is a lot like those custom jewelry kiosks you used to find in Walmart. You upload a …

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Mozilla, OTOY Introduce ORBX.js, Brings Cloud-Based Graphics Processing To The Web

In 2010, OnLive introduced a revolutionary idea – leverage the power of the cloud to stream PC games to any PC regardless of its specs. Now a number of Web companies are taking that idea even further with a new Web technology that does the same thing in any browser. Mozilla announced today that it has partnered with OTOY and …

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Socialcam Is The Latest App Success Story

There is no better time than the present to build an app. If it can get popular, some larger company is going to buy it for a lot more than you ever invested in it. Instagram may be the biggest success story of them all, but popular mobile app Socialcam is no slouch. Autodesk, creators of fine visual effects and …

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Nintendo Licenses Green Hills’ MULTI IDE For Wii U Developers

Nintendo has been acting characteristically un-Nintendo-ish the past few months. They have been focusing more on third-party developers and getting them the solutions they need to maximize gaming experiences on their platforms. Their latest license is further proof of their commitment to third-party developers. Green Hills Software announced on Tuesday that they are supplying their MULTI Integrated Development Environment to …

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Nintendo Licenses Autodesk Gameware For Wii U

GDC has been crazy so far with developers saying it’s alright to piss off gamers to indie developers saying that Japanese games suck. Where’s the real news though? Where’s the mind blowing announcement that nobody saw coming? Oh, Nintendo just licensed Gameware for all Wii U developers? Close enough. Autodesk and Nintendo announced today at GDC that they have entered …

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