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Google Play Adds Australian Movies Google Play Adds Australian Movies
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The Google Australia blog has announced that thousands of new Australian movies are now available for rental on Google Play and YouTube. Australia has fostered a rich cinematic history, producing films like Crocodile Dundee and Crocodile Dundee II. Also, some …

The Wolverine Starts Shooting In Australia In August
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(image) We got news today that “The Wolverine will begin filming in August in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The $80 million production will create more than 720 jobs for NSW-based cast and crew, along with opportunities for as many …

Movie Studios Lose Appeal in Aussie ISP Piracy Case Movie Studios Lose Appeal in Aussie ISP Piracy Case

The High Court of Australia has soundly rejected the notion that internet service providers (ISP’s) are responsible for their subscribers’ copyright violations. In a unanimous decision by the seven justices of the High Court, the case brought by several Hollywood …

Principal Sues Over Facebook Hate Page Principal Sues Over Facebook Hate Page
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A former principal at a school in Australia is suing a former student and two parent, claiming they defamed her with a Facebook hate page, ABC Melbourne is reporting. Sue Burtenshaw was suspended indefinitely from Coober Pedy Area School in …

Julian Assange Gets Movie Based On His Life
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Despite being confined to a house in the UK, Julian Assange gets around. He has started work on a TV series, starred on The Simpsons and is even running in politics. It seems that the Wikileaks founder is now going …

Julian Assange, Wikileaks Founder, Getting Into Politics Julian Assange, Wikileaks Founder, Getting Into Politics
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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange can not sit still. While he is technically still under house arrest in London awaiting the judgment on his extradition hearing, he keeps moving along at a pace that’s hard to keep up with. His newest …

LinkedIn Reaches Three Million Australian Users LinkedIn Reaches Three Million Australian Users

LinkedIn, the world’s social network for finding business professionals is constantly growing with new members (especially for recruiting). Basically, the service is becoming a Facebook for the business world, making it easier for business professionals to network with one another …

Shark Feeding Frenzy Caught on Video

Yanchep Beach in Western Australia was recently closed for a time after a school of about 50 sharks, some over 8 feet long, were spotted in a feeding frenzy less than half a mile from shore. Pilots from a Westpac …

Spiders Invade Australian Countryside
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Thousands of spiders have descended upon Wagga Wagga, Australia, seeking refuge from floodwaters. Eerie spider webs resembling snow drifts were reported around the inland city in New South Wales, where 8,000 residents were recently forced from their homes due to …

Where To Get Paid The Most For Web And Software Development [Infographic] Where To Get Paid The Most For Web And Software Development [Infographic]
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It looks like Australia is the place to be if you want to maximize your wealth, developing. Staff.com put out the following infographic looking at average annual salaries for web developers, software developers, graphic designers, and some other positions. Australia …

Google Australia Introduces Student Ambassadors Google Australia Introduces Student Ambassadors

Google Australia’s official blog introduced it’s newly appointed student ambassadors Tuesday, at the inaugural Google Student Ambassador Summit at it’s Sydney office. Google selected 52 students from 23 universities across Australia and New Zealand, who will learn about Google products …

Facebook Losing Popularity in Australia Facebook Losing Popularity in Australia
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Australians are apparently tiring of Facebook, even though the page garners every 1 in 6 pageviews on the continent, according to Experian Hitwise Australia. While Facebook remains by far the most popular social networking site in the country, the time …

R18+ Games Bill Heading To Australian Parliament
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There has finally been progress in the fight for Australian gamers’ right to determine for themselves what they can play. GameSpot AU is reporting that the Australian Federal Minister for Home Affairs Jason Clare has introduced R18+ legislation to parliament. …

Australia Content Industry Pushing For New Internet Laws

Australia content owners and ISP executives met last Wednesday in Sydney to hammer out potential laws and policies in response to content piracy. The meeting, led by Roger Wilkins, secretary of the Attorney-General’s office, sought to create a draft proposal …

Thief Turns Self In To Help Expose Pedophile
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An unnamed thief in Australia turned himself in to police back in October. Now, he is being shown leniency by the magistrate who sentenced him, and being praised for his actions. Why the sudden spate of conscience? And why the …

Bangladesh Seeks Punishment for Facebook Comment

An Australian professor, who is a native of Bangladesh, posted this message on Facebook: “Many die, why should not Sheikh Hasina Die?”. (image) Sheikh Hasina pictured above with Wen Jiabao This move by Khandaker may cost him his life. The …

Google Maps Accidentally Closes Down Australian Highway Google Maps Accidentally Closes Down Australian Highway

More than likely you’ve turned to Google Maps in order to find your way to destinations unfamiliar. While typically reliable, anytime you search for directions between two places on Google you will also receive the small print caution: It’s an …

Social Networks Consume 22% Of Australians’ Time Online
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Facebook (along with a few other social media sites) exerts a strong pull in many countries all over the world, and new stats from comScore confirm that one of them is Australia.  comScore’s found that Australians dedicated almost 22 percent of their time online in December 2010 to social networks, versus 16.6 percent a year earlier.

A quick note with regards to the timing of this report: don’t blame us.  comScore released it today (or actually tomorrow, since it came out of Sydney), so we haven’t been sitting on it since early January or anything like that.

Groupon Launches as Stardeals in Australia
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Groupon has officially launched in Australia, under the brand Stardeals. Why not Groupon? Because A company previously known as "Scoopon" has the rights to that name in Australia at the moment. 

Yahoo7 Purchases Group Buying Site For $40 Million

Yahoo7, which is the product of a partnership between Yahoo and the Seven Network in Australia, is now also part of the group buying phenomenon.  Yahoo7 announced today that it’s acquired Spreets, a group buying site with 500,000 members.

Bing-Yahoo Transition Moves Forward In Australia, Brazil, Mexico
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Australia, Brazil, and Mexico have populations of 22.5 million, 190.7 million, and 112.3 million people, respectively.  Which adds up to 325.5 million potential users, all in all.  It’s a big deal, then, that the Bing-Yahoo search transition progressed in these three countries today.