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Aurora Borealis Could Be Lighting Up The Lower 48

The Northern Lights might just give the lower states, predicted all the way to Colorado and possibly Washington, Illinois, and Michigan, a dazzling display thanks to a recent solar flare. That is for those states who have clear skies! The colorful, stunning lights of the aurora borealis are forecasted for Thursday and Friday, and could be putting on quite the …

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Time-Lapse Video Captures Northern Lights

Canadian photographer Richard Gottardo recently spent 7 hours in Southern Alberta, capturing the remarkable color changes displayed by the northern lights, or the aurora borealis, which were seen over the Rocky Mountains. The aurorae, from the Latin word for “sunrise,” and also the name of the Roman goddess of dawn, is a natural light display in the sky that can …

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Aurora Borealis Make Spectacular Show in North U.S.

Aurora borealis or Northern lights made a spectacular appearance in the skies of Northern Montana and Minnesota last night, and could possibly make another appearance tonight. This video was taken over Ontario, Canada on Tuesday night, as the aurora borealis made their appearance there. The phenomenon is caused by solar particles entering the earth’s upper atmosphere. Variations in color depend …

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