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AT&T, Verizon Oppose Google Over Airwaves

Google’s used to arguing with Microsoft, and the Mountain View-based company has had many dustups with Yahoo.  Now AT&T and Verizon have stepped in, however, and are opposing Google’s plans for the airwaves.

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Microsoft Complains About DoubleClick Deal

Allowing Google to acquire advertising network operator DoubleClick would create an imbalance in the online ad market, and Microsoft thinks the deal should be quashed by regulators.

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Sprint Cuts Download Prices, AT&T Hooks up w/ Napster

The announcement derby in the music space shifts to Florida this week and mobile conference CITA Wireless. Even prior to today’s opening the press releases are flying.

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Google To Lobby FCC About Spectrum Auctions

Google, Yahoo, and eBay have enlisted satellite carriers EchoStar and DirecTV to help them lobby the Federal Communications Commission about keeping a close eye on how spectrum auctions are conducted. The alliance aims to put tighter reins on incumbent last mile providers of broadband access.

The last mile and who controls it has been a mounting concern among the major "network-less" players like Google, Yahoo, and eBay. The concern rises from suspicion of the telecommunications industry, and its control over chokepoints.

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Net Neutrality Foes To Merge

Outspoken advocates of a two-tiered Internet will soon share a single corporate structure as AT&T will shell out $67 billion to acquire BellSouth.

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