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Asteroid Worth $195B to Swing By Earth on February 15

On February 15 an asteroid named 2012 DA14 will pass very close to the Earth. It will swing within just 17,200 miles of the planet’s surface, which is well within the orbit of the man-made geosynchronous satellites that orbit the Earth. By coming within just one-thirteenth the distance from the Earth to the moon, the asteroid will set a record …

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Planetary Resources Shows Off Some New Asteroid Mining Tech

Remember Planetary Resources? It’s the startup funded by the Google co-founders, James Cameron and others. The company’s goal is to send mining robots into space and collect valuable minerals and elements from the numerous asteroids that fly around our solar system. Now, it’s been a while since the company has last updated the public on what it’s doing, but a …

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James Cameron Teaming With Google Execs For Space Mining

Film director James Cameron is well on his way to being known just as much for his explorer credentials as his movies. The 58-year old–whose films Titanic and Avatar are the highest-grossing movies of all time–can now add space exploration to his resume, which already includes being the first man to reach the bottom of the waters of the Mariana …

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