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Facebook Best for “Hotties” or Roman Art?

Andy Kessler has republished his WSJ interview with 22-year old Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Google Employee Tide May be Shifting

Google has been the darling of the employee/recruitment world for a while due to their upwardly mobile stock price, reputation, place where smart people are, and lavish employee perks.

The Art of Landing Page Content
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Blogosphere buzz surrounding Google’s recent algorithmic changes to the way in which in evaluates landing pages for index inclusion and minimum bidding for keywords has propelled many site designers into a mindset revolving around updating, optimizing, and even totally revamping landing page content.

Google Foes Shifting Tactics

Topix.net’s Rich Skrenta said that Google is the environment and not the competition in search; Yahoo, Ask, and Microsoft have been working to define a new environment where the top of the search results delivers what a person wants to know.

Internet Archive Open To Art

We worry so much about click-through rates, ad campaigns, and keyword pricing that it’s easy to miss out on the more creative side of what the Internet can offer.

Zen and the Art of Being a Small Business

Being a small business is tough, there is no way around that, long sleepless nights, long sleepless days, clients who act bizarre, clients who do not pay promptly yet you need them anyways.

PubCon: The Art of One Page Wonders

Ah-Ha, Bobby McFerrin and Dexy’s Midnight Runners are all classic examples of one-hit wonders you may or may not remember from the 1980s. Effective one-page wonders, however, boast a more significant impact on the industry landscape than Terrence Trent D’Arby or Devo.

The Art of the Unlaunch

Man, product development cycles are brutal these days, they’re so long and so iterative, it presents some significant PR challenges….

Life Imitates Art for Macys Branded Entertainment

Federated Department Stores just announced (via news release of all things) that its private label, INC, will sell the winning design from last night’s episode of Bravo’s Project Runway in its Macy’s stores nationwide.

Flash As a Big Ball of Clay

This interview is a resource of DesignMaster Training, an online professional training and development website for working design professionals.

Computer Programming As Art

This isn’t about programming the visuals for the next great Pixar release, or even creating ASCII art for signature files, but whether the craft of programming itself can be artistic.

Using ‘The Art of War’ For Effective Career Planning

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” has been profoundly discussed by academics and historians since its publication. It has also been widely used in implementing marketing strategies, in project management, in combat operations, in politics, and in any field that requires strategic planning and implementation.

Netscape Back with Hybrid Journalism Site

Netscape is back baby and in a big way.

SEO versus Marketing: The Fine Art of Copywriting
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Forget everything you’ve ever read, heard or seen about web marketing. Forget the marketing gurus and poo-bahs who tout the need for SEO (search engine optimized) text. The information upon which you’ve based your on-line marketing strategy is outdated. It is soooo last millennium.

Um,Doesnt This Patent Have Prior Art?

You know the world has gotten a little nutty when a Microsoft guy complains about a patent, but when Matt May last night at the Podcast Hotel told me a company is trying to patent AJAX, among other things, I was amazed when Matt said this patent looks like it tried to patent AJAX.

Commoditizing an Art

Picasso was approached by a woman on the street. She asked him to create a sketch of her likeness. He agreed. Within minutes Picasso proudly handed the woman a unique but perfect likeness of herself.

Im Not a Guy Kind of Evangelist

You know, my title (technical evangelist) bugs me.

The Art Of Google’s Deals

In Silicon Valley and elsewhere, the technology startup process works like this: have an idea, innovate, develop, test, test it some more, get some venture capital, and pray that Google acquires the company.

Why Former IE Developer Switched To Firefox

A former lead interface developer of Internet Explorer posts a fascinating confession about “Why I switched to Firefox,” in which he admits his allegiance to Firefox.

Zen And The Art of Viral Marketing

Let’s begin with some simple tenets we can agree on. Free is better than paying. Cheap is better than expensive. An invitation is better than a command. A smile attached to the eyeballs you want scanning your site is better than a disappointed scowl.

Marketing and the Art of Negotiation

Scenario 1 – 16 year old Doug is having an argument with his father. Doug thinks that his allowance should be increased, now that he is 16. Dad has no problem with handing more money to his son. But there is a catch. He wants Doug to work part-time at his store and earn the sum.