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Google Search Suggestions Generate Controversy in Argentina Google Search Suggestions Generate Controversy in Argentina
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A court in Argentina granted an injunction filed by Argentinian Jewish organization DAIA to have Google block certain sites from its search suggestions in its Argentina search engine. The organization has deemed the sites to be anti-Semitic and offensive, and …

Argentina Becomes 25th Country to Get YouTube
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Google has launched YouTube in Argentina, making it the 25th country to have its own version of the site. 

"This means that Argentines will be able to more easily discover local talent like GuadalajaraMan, UESiglo21, farolatino, casiangeles or yoteloexplico, as well as view the most popular and most viewed videos in their country," says YouTube. 

Google Giveaways Now Include Villages
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People care a lot about national borders – there’s a great scene from the “Blackadder” series, for example, in which one soldier tries to convince another of the value of the seventeen square feet of land they’ve gained.  But if seventeen square feet is a cause for celebration, Argentina must now be throwing a heck of a party – Google tried to give it a whole village.

Scotiabank Seeks $600 Million From Argentina
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Scotiabank is seeking more than US$600 million from the Government of the Republic of Argentina under a treaty intended to protect the interests of investors of one country doing business in the other.

Argentina Debt to Be Restructured

Creditors in Argentina accepted an offer from the government to restructure $81 billion of the country’s debt.

Argentina Makes Final Offer

Argentina’s government plans to restructure its $102.6 billion debt warning investors that the offer is final.

Google Launches 7 Foreign Language Editions of Google News
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Google announced late last night that they have launched seven non-english editions of their extremely popular Google News service.

Starting Your Own Blog
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I was sitting in my local Internet Cafe yesterday, I like to get away from my “home office” from time to time and it’s a great place to go for a cup of Espresso and to meet interesting people.