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Twitter Begins to Let Users Download Tweet Archives

After making promises for a good while, Twitter is finally starting the process of giving every user the ability to download an archive of their tweets – all of them. That means all of your outgoing communications, retweets and all, will be available for you to possess (and browse!). “It’s no secret: You make Twitter what it is. And if …

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Rush Limbaugh Website Deletes Fluke Remarks

Politico reported today that something is amiss at Rush Limbaugh’s website. The Limbaugh site has an archive. That archive has a search function. So, in theory, one should be able to go to Limbaugh’s site, search the archive for “sllut”, and get the transcribed comments he made about Sandra Fluke. You would think. Limbaugh’s original comments on February 28 were …

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