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Google Introduces New Features for App Engine

At Campfire One, an event where developers are invited to "talk shop" at the Google campus, Google announced a new set of features for App Engine that helps it interface more easily with existing technologies.

Easier Flash/Facebook Integration
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Update: More from the press release, which has since come out:

Documentation, example applications and code are now available at http://www.adobe.com/go/facebook for developers to get started building rich applications with Adobe Flash and Flex software, and Facebook Platform.

Google Pulls Copy-Protected Apps from Unlocked G1 Phones
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In a Google support forum for the Android market, a user asked, "Does anyone know why Shazam and Calorie Counter are no longer available in the Android Market?"

"If you’re using an unlocked, developer phone, you’ll be unable to view any copy-protected application, including Shazam and Calorie Counter. This is a change that was made recently," responded Google Employee Ash.

Advertisers and Developers Monetize Social Media Apps
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Facebook has been encouraging developers to monetize their apps. They’ve recently gone so far as to create resources to help developers build business models around them.

One example of app monetization at work comes from the company Offerpal Media. This is a company that not only utilizes Facebook in its business model, but MySpace and other social networks as it enables both advertisers and developers to monetize apps.

Data Portability and the Cloud

We’ve been hearing a lot these days about cloud computing and data portability. It only makes sense that we see some data portability through the cloud as well right?

Confused yet? Think services like Facebook Connect combined with Google Apps.

Best Buy Remixes Online Presence
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Best Buy is changing the way it does business online and surprise, surprise – it involves social media and APIs. The company has introduced what it is calling the "Best Buy Remix Developer Network."

"We’re working to give you the tools you need to make Best Buy into what you need it to be," the company says.

Facebook Shares Custom Tags with Developers
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Today Facebook announced "custom tags" for developers for use with FBML (Facebook Markup Language) applications. FBML is the language used to create the Facebook apps you have come to know and love.

Key Terms Integral To Yahoo’s Open Search Initiative
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Yahoo!Yahoo has announced the availability of the "Key Terms" feature for BOSS. For those of you unfamiliar with BOSS, the company describes it as the following:

Find Twitterer Locations on Twellow Maps

Our Twellow development team is cranking out the features lately. Just the other day, we announced the "Twellow Pulse" feature, which allows users to track what people are saying about categories of their choosing.

Google Expands Another API

As mentioned previously, Google is spending a lot of time "in the clouds" so to sepak. They’ve been emphasizing cloud computing a lot lately, even going so far as to make a 99.9% guarantee with regarding to up-time for Google Apps.

Google Expands Geolocation API to WiFi

Google GearsGoogle announced that they have expanded the Google Gears Geolocation API to include WiFi compatibility. Previously, it was only available for mobile phones. It is set up so that applications using the API can find WiFi networks within 200m.

Ning Gets In On the OpenSocial Initiative
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OpenSocialNing has followed in the footsteps of other social networking services like MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, and Hi5, and started to integrate with Google Code initiative OpenSocial, the platform that "defines a common API for social applications across multiple websites."

A Closer Look at Google Maps on the Google Phone

Google is giving those interested in the new Google Phone (the G1 from T-Mobile) a closer look at the different aspects of it on the Google Mobile Blog. Today Android Product Manager David Conway talks about the Google Maps capabilities on the device:

Friendster Gets Friendly with Facebook
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Friendster announced today that it is now supporting both Facebook and Opensocial apps. Integration with these has now become part of the Friendster Developer Program, though they’ve been supporting OpenSocial since August.

A Closer Look at Search on the Google Phone
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Google is giving those interested in the new Google Phone (the G1 from T-Mobile) a closer look at the different aspects of it on the Google Mobile Blog. Today Android Software Engineer Andy Stadler talks about the search capabilities on the device:

Netflix Opens API to Developers
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Netflix has opened its API to third party developers to use within their own applications, and has even authorized commercial use of it. The company is supplying Javascript, REST programming, and Atom feed API components. The API can be used in the following capacities:

Microsoft Adds Features to Live Search Maps
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We often get so caught up in what Google is doing with Google Maps that we sometimes forget there are other map services out there like Microsoft’s Live Search Maps. Well, they have reminded us today with the release of a bunch of new features.

iPhone Application Developer Interview
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What started out as a pleasant chat with someone who was writing some iPhone applications has rapidly blossomed into an extraordinary outpouring of interest from the iPhone developer community. As a result, I’ve decided to run a series of developer spotlights, probably 20 or more, over the next few weeks. It’ll offer you insight into the time involved, complexity and rewards of developing a game or utility for one of the most interesting software sales environments on the planet: the Apple iPhone. I hope you enjoy the series!

Yahoo Gives A Peek At BrowserPlus

The portal company opened up a look at its browser-as-application-platform service called BrowserPlus, a dynamic extender of online services.

Against The Hacker: Hardening Applications

Gartner sees the application hardening market emerging over the next two years. Arxan believes its Guard technology brings the future closer to today.

Yahoo Monkeys Around With Search

Yahoo offered developers a sample of its Open Strategy at the Web 2.0 Expo by presenting SearchMonkey, for customizing the Yahoo search experience.