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Gooey Search: We Can Make Google Search Better Gooey Search: We Can Make Google Search Better

Have you ever been in the position in which you needed to conduct a search but couldn’t find the words that were suitable to query? If so, software company Visual Purple hopes to help through an effort it calls Gooey Search. WebProNews writer Chris Crum first told you about the Gooey Search project a couple of weeks ago, but we recently spoke with Ed Heinbockel, the President and Founder Visual Purple, to find out more about the concept.

Twitter Has Evil Pop-Up That Could Hack Your Account

If you ever see a Twitter pop-up message that looks like the following:

RUN! Close down your browser, turn off your computer, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200!

AOL speaks up with Open Voices API

Developers will be able to build applications to integrate AIM Call Out into devices with wi-fi connections as well as SIP-enabled devices, and softphones.

Adobe Bemused By Spying Claims
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The discovery that some Adobe products phone home to analytics firm Omniture brought out the tinfoil hat crowd, and a raised eyebrow from Adobe’s John Nack.

Facebook Launches Self-Translation App
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In order to make Facebook available in many different languages, the company could have paid dozens of professional translators rather large fees.  Instead, in what we’ll call an "accountant-approved alternative," Facebook has decided to involve its users and crowdsource the issue.