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Google Adwords Console & API Going Offline January 10th

A maintenance process this Saturday!

Yes, this is the official announcement from the Google Team about a maintenance process, this Saturday. The AdWords login console and the API will be offline between 10am and 2pm Pacific Time.

“We’ll be performing routine system maintenance on Saturday, January 10 from approximately 10:00am to 2:00pm PST. You won’t be able to access AdWords or the API during this time frame, but your ads will continue to run as normal.” -Jeffrey Posnick, AdWords API Team.

Yahoo Sings Out With Music API
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Yahoo opened a new API for developers, this time tapping their index of information about music and artists.

Developers Beware: AdWords Report Changes Coming
· 1

Updates to the AdWords API arriving on August 19 mean developers will want to make sure they don’t impact the data in their reports.

MSN Direct Hops In Your Car

Microsoft hopes to plug location-based information into GPS devices and reach potential customers as they enter a local market for a business.

Amazon Web Services Offers Satisfying Fulfillment

The new Amazon Fulfillment Web Service opens the company’s warehouses to merchants, who can store products and fulfill orders from customers all through Amazon.

Google Search API Questioned Again

Industry pros have never been fully happy with the results they receive through Google’s Search API.

Flash! Yahoo Updates Maps API To AS3

The developers spoke, and Yahoo answered. Support for ActionScript 3 arrived for the Yahoo Maps API today.

PubCon – Organic Keyword Research
Developing keyword lists is a mission critical step for organic search engine optimization. This panel will review how to mine keywords, research keywords, expand keywords, and refine keywords.

Google Code Opens Cool Chart API

Generating a chart for a web page is as simple as passing some variables to Google in an HTTP request.

Google Chart API Released

Google released a chart generator service they are calling the Google Chart API. Usage is quite straightforward: you link to an image in the form of a parameterized URL, e.g. (line break added)

Google Trends Gets New Look & API
· 1
Google Trends program will get a new look with a new application interface program.

IBM, Yahoo Update Free Enterprise Search

The IBM Omnifind Yahoo Edition enterprise search product received some tweaks and improvements to its functionality.

First Twitter, Then Beer Collection Agencies
· 1

I suppose to some people promising a beer is like tossing up a "how’s it going" in the elevator. But for others, it’s nothing to be so flippant about, which is why there needs to be a way to keep track of all the beer owed to people.

Enabling Google Analytics Site Search

You can now log-in to your Google Analytics account to start enabling the new Site Search feature for a site of yours.

Mark Cuban Cites Trust As Facebook Edge

Real people make the treasure trove of information on Facebook the real draw for developing on its platform, which Mark Cuban believes gives it an edge over Google’s OpenSocial conglomeration.

OpenSocial Now Live

In case you missed this news, Google’s OpenSocial API went live now (oh, and MySpace is now an official OpenSocial partner too, making Google-competitor Facebook come off as anti-social if they don’t join). The FAQ explains that…

Google Announces API Connecter For Social Networks

Google has decided that when it comes to Facebook, if you can’t beat ‘em, API ‘em. Google’s OpenSocial, which will launch at code.google.com/apis/opensocial tomorrow, will be a set of APIs that developers can use to create applications that work on any participating social network. Google’s goal is to create an open layer that runs atop all social networks, diminishing the power of all the networks in the process.

Google Checkout & Gmail Updates

I was browsing through the Google Blogs using my Yahoo Pipe and noticed that there have been a couple pieces of cool news item floating around at the the Gmail and Google Checkout blogs.

Facebook Out to Get LinkedIn

Facebook is all over the news today. I know, I know, just another day at the office.

LinkedIn To Share API, Remain Food-Free
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Even as everyone’s eyeing Facebook, LinkedIn intends to let third-party developers make applications for its site.  And here’s where, in my opinion, it’ll have an edge: LinkedIn intends to keep out silly crap.

SES – Search APIs
Major search engines offer application programming interfaces that let you tap into search results, ad listings, ad management systems and other things. This session looks at APIs that are available and how you might use them.

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