Cloudflare Rolls Out API Abuse Detection

Cloudflare, one of the leading content delivery networks, has announced API Discovery and API Abuse Detection.

Facebook Allowed 5,000 Developers to Improperly Access User Data

Facebook has admitted to yet another misstep with customer data, allowing 5,000 developers to access it after the cutoff date.

UK Set to Adopt Apple/Google API For Contact Tracing

The UK has reversed course, adopting Apple and Google’s API for its contact tracing efforts.

Twitter Rolls Out ‘Hide Replies’ to Developers

Twitter’s Hide Replies feature is now available to developers as an API that can be included in their own software.

Twitter Suffers Serious Security Incident: Usernames Matched to Phone Numbers

Twitter has disclosed a serious security incident that allowed bad actors to link usernames with phone numbers. According to a blog post on the company’s privacy site, on December 24, 2019, Twitter “became aware that someone was using a large…

New Google Chrome Feature May Drive Users to Firefox

The Register is reporting on a new feature in an upcoming version of Google Chrome that has privacy-conscious users worried. A recent API called getInstalledRelatedApps may allow websites to determine what apps are installed on a user’s device. At first…

Roughly 100 Developers May Have Improperly Accessed FaceBook Groups Data

The last few weeks have seen the news go from bad to worse for Facebook, especially on the privacy front. Now the company is admitting that roughly 100 developers may have improperly accessed Groups member data. In April 2018, Facebook…

Truecaller Flaw Puts 150 Million Users at Risk

Zak Doffman at Forbes is reporting on a newly discovered vulnerability in the Truecaller app that puts 150 million iOS and Android users at risk. Truecaller is one of the premier caller ID apps, identifying unknown calls from mobile, landline…

Twitter Adds Features Making Embedding Easy

Twitter has made it easier to add rich, responsive Tweet displays directly to your website or CMS. There are now 3 options: 1. Factory Functions – Allows you to easily generate timelines for any web app. 2. oEmbed API –…

Uber Launches API, Affiliate Program for Developers

Uber thinks that “any app with a map is a potential Uber API partner” – so with that in mind, the on-demand car company is opening the Uber API to all developers. Uber is launching the API with eleven flagship…