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AP: ‘Illegal Immigrant’ No Longer an Acceptable Term

The AP, apart from being a news organization, also publishes a highly influential stylebook used by schools and journalists across the country. And they have just made a pretty significant change to it. Starting now, the AP Stylebook no longer supports the use of “illegal immigrant” to describe people living in the country illegally. In fact, the AP Stylebook no …

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AP Stylebook Adds More Tech Terms

The 2011 print edition of the AP Stylebook is available today, and while the focus is on a brand new “Food Guidelines” section, the “journalist’s bible” has updated their social media guidelines section as well to include some new tech terms. Last year, the AP Stylebook added a bunch of new social media guidelines to their rules for journalists. Among …

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AP Stylebook Updates Tech Words

If you were devastated when you found out the Associated Press frowns upon the Oxford Comma, you might agree with some of their later decisions. Some notable tech items have been changed by the venerable manual. On Friday, the AP Stylebook announced that they were finally dropping the hyphen out of “e-mail” and going with “email,” which most of us …

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New AP Stylebook Covers Facebook And Twitter Usage

The Associated Press has released its 2010 edition of its Stylebook with a new section focused on social media for the first time and has announced that "website" is now one word.

The new social media guidelines section includes information and policies on using Facebook and Twitter, how journalists can apply them to their work and how to verify sources found through them.

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