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Mexico’s “Water Monster” May Be Extinct

The search is on for Mexico’s “water monster”, known as the axolotl. The animal has all but disappeared from the lakes in the Mexico City region. This is of great concern, as this region is the only known habitat of the axolotl, prompting some to question whether or not the species may be on the verge of extinction. The axolotl …

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Rare Tiger Born at San Francisco Zoo

The San Francisco Zoo this week announced that a rare sumatran tiger cub was born on Sunday, February 10. The cub hasn’t been named yet and even its gender won’t be known for some time. It is currently spending time bonding with its mother, Leanne, at the Lion House in the Zoo. The cub’s father, Larry, is continuing to live …

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Hippo Stuck In Pool Sadly Dies During Rescue

Hippo stuck in a pool sounds like one of those funny comedies from the 80s. It would feature a ragtag group of teenagers who find themselves having to care for a hippo that magically appears in the backyard pool. They would later have to defend the hippo from the poachers next door, and learn something about themselves in the process. …

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The ‘Map of Life’ Tracks All Life on Planet Earth

The Map of life is an online tool that tracks and catalogues all of the world’s biodiversity. Every species of animal and plant life is catalogued and presented to you on an in-browser app. The project is led by biodiversity scientists Walter Jetz and Robert Gurainick. The goal is to create a living map that measures biodiversity in geographical terms, …

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No More Donkey Semen: Twitter Reacts

As reported earlier by WebProNews.com, the television show Fear Factor was to air and feature a horrid stunt. On the episode contestants were to drink donkey semen, chased by a generous helping of donkey urine. Now, it seems this is not the case, according to the NBC website, which no longer lists the episode in its line-up, instead it is …

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