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Andrew Mason Starts A New Company Called Detour, Gets Pooped On

It turns out that Groupon founder and former CEO Andrew Mason has been doing more than just sitting around eating ice cream by himself and recording motivational business albums. He’s also been creating a new company called Detour. First of all, let’s get the poop thing out of the way. BloombergBusinessWeek ran an interview with Mason about Detour. The first …

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Former Groupon CEO Eats Ice Cream Alone In San Francisco

Groupon founder and former CEO Andrew Mason (arguably one of the most entertaining CEOs of our time) gave us an update about what he’s been up to on Twitter. As you may know, after departing the company, he put out a motivational business album (pictured). Lately, he’s been eating ice cream alone in San Francisco. Just had a thing happen …

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