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Bristol Palin’s Exhausting Week: Stalkers and Drunken Brawls?

Thank God it’s Friday, indeed. Poor Bristol Palin has reportedly had an exhausting week. We first reported about Bristol’s run-in with an alleged stalker here a few days ago. According to Anchorage Alaska police, Bristol Palin called them to report that a man was sitting in her driveway and refused to leave. When police arrived at Bristol’s home, they found …

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Sarah Palin’s Family Allegedly Involved in Drunken Brawl at Local Party

It’s one of those times that the words “reportedly” and “allegedly” have to be used repeatedly. Stick with me and we’ll try to sort the reportable fact from the rumor. Then you can make your own decision. According to the Anchorage Daily News, a news outlet that does not have a reputation for tabloid sensationalism, the Palin clan was in …

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Alaska Near Miss: NTSB Investigates

An Alaska Airlines passenger jet had a “near miss” with a smaller cargo aircraft above Anchorage’s Fire Island. The passenger plane from Portland, Oregon, which was carrying 143 passengers, was scheduled to land at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on Runway 15, when the pilot was told by air controllers to do a “go-around” in order to avoid an Ace …

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Bodies Found on Iditarod Route in Crashed Airplane

It’s no secret that the Iditarod race can be dangerous. However, dog sledders are generally more prepared for disaster than others who may find themselves stranded in the harsh conditions along the race’s route. The Associated Press is reporting that three people have been found dead along the Iditarod’s route in Alaska. The pilot, age 59, a woman, age 48, …

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