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Cameron Diaz Releases “The Body Book”

Cameron Diaz can now add the title of “author” to her CV as The Body Book has just been released. The popular actress uses the book as a platform to share her knowledge about exercise and nutrition. “If you take …

Doctors Discover New Ligament in Human Knee
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Though it’s generally assumed that all parts of the human body have been mapped and accounted for, it turns out that the study of human anatomy isn’t quite complete. Two Belgian surgeons have recently published a paper in the Journal …

Dutch Artist Recreates His Own Skeleton Via 3D Printer Dutch Artist Recreates His Own Skeleton Via 3D Printer

3D printers can create some amazing works of art. Some recent examples include a tower of abstract resin, or 3D printed portraits of people. Now one Dutch artist may have created the best work of art to come from 3D …

Is Google Sexist?
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In the movie version of the TV cartoon South Park, the boys ask Chef how to make women happy. Without thinking about to whom he’s talking, Chef tells them the secret, and the boys go off in search of it. If they’d searched on Google with strict safe filtering, though, they’d never have found it, an anticlimactic event to which many women might sniff and respond, “typical!”