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CVS Stores Will Stop Selling Tobacco

You better not get used to picking up a pack of cigarettes during your speedy jaunt to CVS. As of October 1st of this year, CVS/pharmacy store will stop selling tobacco products altogether. This marks the very first pharmacy chain to remove tobacco from their product line. 7,600 CVS/pharmacy stores will be missing tobacco products lining their shelves before the …

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AMA: Obesity is a Disease, Remove Sugary Drinks From SNAP

The American Medical Association (AMA) this week held its annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The doctors attending the meeting have a large influence on the strategies medical professionals across the U.S. use to combat illnesses. Of the many topics taken up at the meeting, one simple change in wording could have a greater effect on Americans than any other topic. …

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Online Care Helps Control Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure have a better chance of managing the condition by using the Internet according to a report in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Beverly B. Green, at the University of Washington in Seattle, and other researchers examined if high blood pressure could be monitored over the Internet without having to visit a doctor.

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