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Amazon Is Working With Record Labels On Subscription-Based Music Service [Rumor]

Despite earlier attempts to bring streaming music to the masses, Spotify really nailed the concept when it launched in 2008. Now its the service every company in the business of selling music is trying to copy, including Amazon. The Verge reports that Amazon is currently in talks with record labels on setting up its own subscription-based music service. If successful, …

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Amazon Cloud Player Updated And Optimized For iPad

Just because somebody owns an iPad doesn’t mean they use iTunes. There’s a wealth of options available to the iPad owner looking for an app to store their music collection. Amazon’s Cloud Player could be a strong competitor, but the lack of a dedicated iPad app was a hurdle it didn’t overcome until today. Amazon announced that its Cloud Player …

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Amazon Cloud Player Comes To Ford SYNC Smart Cars

The smart car is the next big revenue driver for app developers. These cars may not be everywhere just yet, but app developers would be smart to jump on in its early stages before it takes off. Amazon is doing just that by bringing Cloud Player to Ford’s line of smart cars. Amazon announced today that Android devices with Amazon …

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Amazon AutoRip Gives You Free MP3s of CD Purchases, Retroactively

Amazon is looking to incentivize physical music sales by providing digital copies automatically and free of charge with each purchase. They’re also hoping that they can keep customers using their Cloud Player. Oh yeah, and it’s retroactive. We’re talking about Amazon “AutoRip,” a new service that gives customers MP3 versions of any CDs they purchase on Amazon. When a customer …

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