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Alienware, Crytek Team Up on Lighting Software

By and large PC gamers simply want the best hardware they can afford to play the best-looking and best-performing games on any platform. Like with any hobby, though, there are those who take things further and need the aesthetics of …

Alienware Thinks The Surface Won’t Be Much Of A Gaming PC
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There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Microsoft’s Surface tablet. We know the specs and the general look of the device, but we don’t know the launch date or its true capabilities. The Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface …

Dell Abducts Alienware

The Texas-based computer maker not only has a hot brand with appeal to big-spending hardcore gamers, but a line of products with AMD processors instead of the Intel chipsets that dominate Dell’s computer lineup.

Mozilla Extends Prizes To Firefox Winners

The contest to find the best of the extensions and their developers for the Firefox browsers yielded ten winners out of the over 200 submissions received.

Alienware To Offer Intel Dual-core

Alienware announced that select Alienware systems will soon offer the dual-core Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840 using the Intel 955X Express chipset.

Alienware Workstations Earn Highest Scores in Graphics Performance

Alienware MJ-12 Workstations Earn Highest Scores in SPECviewperf 8.0 Benchmark Testing.