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Aliens: Colonial Marines “Escape” Multiplayer Mode Revealed [Video]

Gearbox may be gearing up for the launch of the great-looking Borderlands 2, but the studio still has other projects in the works. One of those projects, Aliens: Colonial Marines, looks to bring the Aliens franchise to a respectable place …

Study Claims That 1/3 Americans Believe In UFOs

Do you believe in UFOs? I know that I certainly do even though I have never even come close to seeing one. It is very hard for me to believe that in the billions of years that this universe has …

Stonhenge Function May Have Been Discovered
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The mysteries surrounding Stonehenge have baffled scientists for a very long time. Who built them? Why were they built? How did they even manage to get the stones to the spot? Aliens? Druid priests? All of these questions have been …

National Geographic to Tweet Reply to The Wow! Signal National Geographic to Tweet Reply to The Wow! Signal
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If you could say anything to extraterrestrials, do you think you could sum up your thoughts in 140 characters? To be so brief in a close encounter of the fifth kind, one would hope you could get your point across …

Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed To February 2013

It was so sad to see BioShock Infinite delayed to February of next year. I was scared that Irrational’s high-flying game would be all alone in the winter month with nobody to comfort it. It’s good news then that the …

Mars Viking Robots ‘Found Life’ In 1976

Are we alone in this universe? Is Earth so unique that out of the trillions upon trillions of planets in the universe, we are the only one that harbors life? What if the nearest life to us wasn’t orbiting Alpha …

New Apocalypse Survival Strategy: Aliens Inside A Mountain

What is up with people being so obsessed with the end of the world? Harold Camping whipped Christian believers into a frenzy last year with his two predictions that the rapture was going to happen in May and then October …

Shipwreck Hunters Find Mystery In The Baltic Sea: Twitter Buzz Shipwreck Hunters Find Mystery In The Baltic Sea: Twitter Buzz
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The truth is out there, but it might be at the bottom of the ocean. Recently a group of shipwreck explorers were diving for just that reason, but they stumbled upon something perplexing. Some speculation say it could possibly be …

Are The YouTube UFOs You-FOs?
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A few videos circulating first on YouTube and a new one now on Daily Motion can make even the staunchest skeptic do a double take. Some have called the videos proof there is intelligent life outside of Earth and that they’re coming to get us; others have called it a hoax, and still others suggest it’s a viral marketing trick.

Yahoo To Pester Aliens With Earth News

You gotta hand it to Yahoo. When they do a publicity stunt, they do it right. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company plans to beam a digitized time capsule into space from an ancient Mexican pyramid.

Mars Probe And Blogosphere: Talking To Aliens

NASA launched their Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on Friday morning after a few delays earlier in the week. Coinciding with that launch was MindComet’s first launch of thousands of SpacePost messages aimed at promoting intergalactic peace and communication.