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‘Alien: Isolation’ Release Date: October 7

When Alien: Isolation was announced early this year, gamers held their breath for yet another terrible game based around the Alien brand. With last year’s disastrous Aliens: Colonial Marines still fresh in the minds of players burned by over-hyped pre-launch marketing, another Alien game coming so soon after seemed almost unwelcome. That is, until developer Creative Assembly (the British development …

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Here’s How Creative Assembly Made The Xenomorph In Alien: Isolation

The xenomorph is the ultimate killing machine. Well, that was the case in the first Alien film before they were reduced to bullet sponges in Aliens and every subsequent media property released in the franchise since then. This all came to a head last year with the disastrous Aliens: Colonial Marines that somehow managed to make the xenomorph look even …

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Here’s Some New Info On Alien: Isolation

Sega surprised nobody yesterday when it announced that it was going to give this Alien game thing another try with Alien: Isolation. Still reeling from the embarrassment and resentment from Colonial Marines, some wondered if Sega should even bother. Well, it seems like the publisher is actually bothering to ship a good game this time. As reported yesterday, Alien: Isolation …

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Alien: Isolation Will Attempt To Clean Up After Colonial Marines In Late 2014

I think it’s safe to say that Aliens: Colonial Marines was the biggest letdown of 2013. After years of teases and one impressive trailer, the final product was a run of the mill shooter that reduced xenomorphs to cannon fodder. It seemed like all hope was lost for the Alien franchise in video games, but Sega is giving it another …

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