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Inside Network Bought For $14 Million By Alan Meckler’s WebMediaBrands Inside Network Bought For $14 Million By Alan Meckler’s WebMediaBrands
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WebMediaBrands announced today that it has acquired Inside Network, the publishing company that publishes Inside Facebook, as well as Inside Social Games and Inside Mobile Apps. The price: $7.5 million in cash and 4,183,130 shares of the common stock ($6.5 …

Alan Meckler in Expansion Mode Again

 Alan Meckler who has bought and sold more B2B web properties than anyone else is… according to his Twitter post, back to buying again. 

We hope to close an acquisition late next week or early the next. And perhaps another by month end. Both exciting. More…

Our present platform plus coming deals will make us one of the more exciting blog networks in the BtoB space.

Internet.com Sold for $18 Million
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WebMediaBrands (formerly JupiterMedia) has just announced that it is selling Internet.com for $18 million to QuinStreet Inc. QuinStreet calls itself the leader in online performance-based vertical marketing.

Jupitermedia Reports Earnings Are Down
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Jupitermedia Corporation has released its earnings report for the third quarter of 2008.

Revenues for the third quarter of 2008 were $31 million down from revenues of $34.8 million for the same period last year. The company says its loss per diluted share was $0.63 and included non-cash stock based compensation expense, legal fees related to the recent signed stock purchase agreement with Getty Images.

Jupitermedia President Chris Cardell Resigns

Jupitermedia Corporation has announced that its President and Chief Operating Officer, Chris Cardell, has resigned.

Jupitermedia Sells Image Business To Getty For $96 Million

Jupitermedia Corporation said today that it is selling its online images business to Getty Images for $96 million in cash. This sale will re-focus the company on the B2B content business which is arguably a step in the right direction.

Can Jupitermedia Rise Again?
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Jupitermedia has great assets, a long history and is still run by the founder, Alan Meckler, who built the company from the ground up. As of this writing JUPM is at 45 cents a share, which values the company at only $16.25 million. It appears that there is no rational reason to explain this low valuation except that there are apparently very few investors interested in the stock.

Monster Buys Affinity Labs For $61 Million Cash
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Monster Worldwide, Inc. announced the purchase of Affinity Labs‘ year old network of vertical community sites for $61 million cash today.

Jupitermedia CEO Talks Stock, Future Developments

Transparency’s nice – assuming that a person (or company) is indeed being transparent, and you’re not so paranoid that you can’t believe it, you get to find out many of the who-what-when-where-why details.  And in that spirit, Alan Meckler, the CEO of Jupitermedia, has announced his purchase of some stock and referenced his company’s future.

Danny Sullivan Puts Alan Meckler in His Place

Over the years, we’ve seen JupiterMedia try to closely integrate JupiterResearch with Search Engine Strategies.