Latest State Of The Internet Report Shows An Increase In Global Internet Speed

Latest State Of The Internet Report Shows An Increase In Global Internet Speed

By Zach Walton October 16, 2013

Every quarter, Akamai puts out a report called “The State of the Internet.” By utilizing the Akamai Intelligent Platform, it’s able to look at a number of metrics, including global average Internet speeds, attack traffic and browser popularity. It’s an …

NFL.com Partners With Akamai On Higher Quality Video

The National Football League said today it will offer higher quality online video via the Akamai HD network.

The majority of video content on NFL.com will be offered in higher quality across the Akamai HD Network, including NFL.com Live: Thursday Night Football, video highlights of every NFL game and coverage of other NFL events.


Akamai Launches Open Video Player for HTML5 Toolkit

Akamai has released a new Open Video Player for HTML5 <video> developer toolkit, aimed at simplifying the task of creating flexible HTML5-based video player applications for delivery of HTTP content. 

New Rumor Has Google Acquiring Akamai

At the moment, the Dow’s down 0.24 percent and the Nasdaq’s down 0.14 percent – it’s not a great day for the market.  One company’s stock is doing more than all right, however, as there’s a rumor that Google might acquire it.

Akamai, which deals in content delivery networks, is the organization that might be in Google’s good graces.  Some investors have accepted the idea to the point that they’ve sent Akamai’s stock up 3.38 percent so far today.

Broadband Speeds Increase Worldwide

The United States and China were the two largest attack traffic sources, accounting for nearly 50 percent of total traffic, according to Akamai’s first quarter State of the Internet report.

The top 10 portals saw about 90 percent of the attack traffic, with more than two-thirds of the traffic likely related to the Conficker worm.

Akamai Sees Record Traffic During Inauguration

Akamai Technologies said today it saw a record spike in online traffic during the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

As the largest day ever for the delivery of concurrent live streaming over the Akamai network, the company reported it reached a peak of over 7 million active simultaneous streams (the majority live streams) at around 12:15 p.m. today.

Total traffic on the network surpassed a rate of more than 2 terabits per second and the company also delivered over 12,000,000 requests per second at the same time.

Election Drove Record Internet Traffic
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The Internet didn’t break yesterday, and if there was ever a day for that to happen it was Election Day 2008 in America. Akamai’s Net Usage Index for News recorded the highest number of website visitors per minute in history, placing Barack Obama’s historic win at the top at the chart.

Akamai: US Home To Attacks, Slow Internet

The content delivery network tapped its resources to produce the first of what will be an ongoing look at the Internet on a quarterly basis.

Akamai As Proof Of A Non-Neutral Net?


An interesting Net Neutrality micro-debate has surfaced surrounding Akamai and whether Akamai’s services are a violation of Net Neutrality principles. This argument, produced by an influential Internet law professor, was used to illustrate that the Internet has never been neutral.

Akamai As Proof Of A Non-Neutral Net?

Akamai Visualizes The Internet

The company unveiled a new website that shows how data travels across the Internet, and how certain events impact that flow.

Akamai To Acquire Speedera

Akamai Technologies and Speedera Networks have signed a definitive agreement for Akamai to acquire Speedera in a stock-for-stock merger transaction.

Akamai, IBM team for edge computing

Nearly a year after it announceda partnershipwith IBM to push Java computing to the edge of the Internet, Akamai is unveiling a new service that will enable customers to run WebSphere-based applications on its network of edge servers.

Akamai, IBM Promise Zippy Web Services

The companies team up to sell a hosting service that will deliver Web services applications using Akamai’s network of servers around the world.