Last-Minute Travel Deals Are Easy To Come By

Last-Minute Travel Deals Are Easy To Come By

By Zach Walton December 3, 2014

Do you have family suddenly demanding that you visit for Christmas? Worry not, an impromptu trip doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, they’re pretty easy to come by. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to assume …

Japanese Airline Signs Multi-Year Deal With Google Japanese Airline Signs Multi-Year Deal With Google

Google announced today that Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), has signed a new multi-year agreement to use its ITA Software pricing and shopping engine. The deal is actually a renewal, as the airline was one of ITA Software’s …

HP ElitePad Chosen to Fly on Emirates Airlines HP ElitePad Chosen to Fly on Emirates Airlines

HP and Emirates Airlines announced today that HP’s new Windows 8 tablet, the ElitePad 900, has been chosed at the “primary interface” for the airline’s flight crews. As part of Emirates’ new Knowledge-driven Inflight Service (KIS), the tablets will be …

Google Powers Flight Reservations For Cape Air Google Powers Flight Reservations For Cape Air

As you may know, Google acquired ITA Software last year after a round of regulatory scrutiny and a big stink raised by Google competitors (as they banded together with Google’s arch nemesis Microsoft on the FairSearch Coalition). Last fall, Google …

Airlines Add Social Seating Programs Airlines Add Social Seating Programs

Forget First Class! Find out who’s sitting next you on your next flight. Remember the days when you sat at your airport gate wondering and worrying who might be sitting next to you? Those days are over now for travelers …

New FAA Rules Could Make It Easier On Travelers New FAA Rules Could Make It Easier On Travelers

President Obama is expected to sign a long-term funding bill for the FAA in the coming weeks. The first since 2007, the bill will cost taxpayers $63 billion and will cover the industry until 2015. Fortunately, the heavy cost may …

Google, Virgin America Gives Fliers Free Chromebooks Google, Virgin America Gives Fliers Free Chromebooks
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The lustre of traveling via airplane has been lost in the past few years. Paying to check bags is a pain, you’re lucky if you even get those generic salty peanuts during the flight (and if you do, I’m sure …

Virgin America Flights Get Enhanced Google Maps Data

Google announced today that it has completely updated the Google Maps data on the touchscreens of airplane seats on Virgin America.

Employee Fired From American Airlines For Transparent Email

What is it with airlines?

If they’re not breaking guitars, their pilots are missing airports, or they’re berating people that are trying to help them.

Southwest To Try Out In Flight Internet

It’s been a year since Southwest Airlines announced they were going to test in air Internet service. Now it’s really happening. The satellite broadband will be tested on one plane first. Then they plan to expand to at least three more planes by March.

The test will run for 60 days. They will gauge demand and see how the service works before determining if and how much they’ll charge.

The American In-Flight Internet Revolution?

In-flight broadband Internet access in reaching full swing for American Airlines.

The airline has announced that it is "marking the beginning of the next wireless revolution."  A bit overstated perhaps. They’re offering in-flight Internet access at $12.95 a flight.

Airlines Launch Ads On Online Boarding Passes

Half a dozen major airlines will begin displaying ads on boarding passes for passengers that check in online.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Not A Must For Business Travelers
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With more airlines testing Wi-Fi and other communication technologies more than half (56%) of business travelers say they don’t feel the need to be connected while flying according to an Orbitz For Business Traveler Survey.

SouthWest Climbs Aboard In-Flight Internet Access

Southwest Airlines is the next airline to begin testing Internet access on flights, beginning this summer. The satellite service will be tested on four planes. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to request a flight that is performing the test.

Google Improves Its Flight-Tracking Abilities

Google’s got a pretty good sense of timing; even as holiday vacations are kicking in all over the country, the search giant has improved its ability to check flights’ statuses.

In Flight Internet Becoming More Popular

Two months ago, we reported that Alaska Air would be the first U.S. airline carrier to test satellite Internet access on their flights. Now, several other airlines have followed suit—but it looks like they might beat Alaska Airlines to the punch.

American Airlines Suit Against Google Stands

Google wanted a lawsuit by American Airlines over the search engine’s advertising practices dismissed, but a federal judge denied the motion.